Skill Building Introduction

This is a Course that sits at the Heart of The Healing Garden.

The Learning Environment

  • Equal Footing = Learning Platform
  • Power of Choice
  • 2nd Ethic, Vulnerability

How We Learn

According to the Cone of Learning by Edgar Dale and Plato, there are only four ways to Learn:

  • Simple Instructional Theory from a Master
  • Exploratory Dialogue – Between Student and Master and Self
  • Application Practice
  • Application Technique

The Stages of Learning

Integration of a skill into the Intuition vs. Memorization

The Toxic Mental Damage of Forced “Learning” through Memorization

  • Apprentice
  • Tradesmen
  • Master
  • Philosopher

“Instinct” does not mean “Not Learned”

“Common Sense” is a Consequence of Logic + Problem Solving + Problem Solving

Quality Skill

The Quality Skill is one that I see evidence of everywhere. It is one that has plagued me all of my life and only recently (2024) did I finally achieve it. If you don’t have the Quality Skill, it will show up in your life as Self-Disappointment, Self-Loathing, Depression.

It’s the constant nagging feeling in the back of your head that tells you, “You can do better.” It can take decades to identify it, longer still to do anything about it, and then there is learning how to live with it if you fall short of your own expectations.

Your Standards are the thing inside of you that tells you at what quality of your life you expect yourself to hold your own standards to. It can be quiet, it can be loud, it can be relentless.

I believe, the reason why it shows up more strongly in some than in others is due to awareness. I watched Gordon Ramsey last night with my daughter, and I understood. The Master Mindset. The Relentless Pursuit of The Best. It’s a refusal to settle for anything less. It’s an inability to.

Our Goals do a lot to define us. It is the point in our lives when we not only set destinations, but we set quality of destinations. Life Quality is that burning desire inside of us to only accept the best from ourselves and others. Reputation is what is nurtured from this. And Master-Minded individuals pursue it, but very few arrive.

While watching the tactics of Gordon Ramsey, I smiled. I knew exactly what he was doing. He was training the Average-Joe’s Point of Comprehensive that is laden with Victim-blame-Damsel lack-of-standards to shift into the Master’s Point of Comprehension. But this isn’t a Mindset. It’s an increase in Standards. In Ramsey’s case, he was sculpting both: Master Mind and an Increase of Standards.

I had a different experience in learning The Standards Skill. 7 of my Teachers were Masters. Two talked on Standards. In fact, that was the first lesson of the class. “My Standards are here,” she said indicating the raised bar that sat eye level to her. “Others are here,” and she dropped her hand to her waist. “You will come up to my standards in this class.” And I wanted to. I had received this lesson already, two years before her. I knew exactly what she talked about. No one else “got” it. But also, I had 7 Masters for teachers and 2 who talked on Standards.

When you experience the Standards of a Master alongside the lack of Standards of “Average Joe Teachers” you learn the characteristics and qualities of each, and the devastation the Average Joe Teacher leaves in their wake, all from the lack of Standards.

After I finished my healing and I reached the point in my life where my lifestyle matched my Standards, I sat back and thought deeply on everything I had learned. What should I teach first? I thought. Where does it all begin?

The Point.

And I thought back to Mrs. Treadwell. The answer was too easy.


That is the first lesson. Because this is the most important lesson. The one that set me apart from everyone else. The one I received twice from two Masters. The lesson that only Masters know to talk about which sets them apart from Tradesmen.

Standards is what governs that little voice in your head to say, “Go bigger.” It’s the feeling inside of you tells you “Its not good enough.” Standards is what sets you apart from others. Every time. It’s about being honest with yourself about the quality of people in your life, the quality of your behavior, the quality of your work, the quality of you. It’s being honest when you are at “peak performance” and when you’re lowering standards to “save time” or “make money” and it shows every time.

There are days in life when you have to choose between time, play, friends, love, sex, bonuses… But what is never an option, what is something that you must never even consider “choosing” between are your standards. Standards are on a pedestal all unto themselves.

It’s not about getting the dream job or the dream house or the dream car. It’s about the Standards you live by. It’s about working the Burger Job and doing it with the Highest of Standards. It’s about writing a novel and doing it with the Highest of Standards.

It’s about pushing yourself. It’s about opening up and turning on The Entire Machine of You and maximizing that Machine to utilize every single resource available to you to reach those standards no matter what. If you have to cut productivity to increase standards, you do it. If you have to cut down on play, you do it. If you have to hyper focus and close out all other things around you, you do it.

You will do anything to preserve the Standards. Because the moment you drop your Standards, you lower the Bar. And then… you’re just like everyone else. And that is the difference between the Master and everyone else.

The reality of this world revolves around “The Low and attainable Standards of Average Joe where you have respect without earning it.”

The Master knows better. Ethical Leaders know better.

And the Quality of your Standards is not something that you can just cherry pick to be in just your work, in just your job, in just your hobbies… It is in every single thing you do. It is the breath of you. No matter how little the task, the quality of every single thing you are matched with is set across the entire plane of your existence. And absolutely no one, NO ONE will hold you to those standards expect YOU and another Master.

And that is the difference between The Healing Garden and everyone else.

Everywhere else skips this lesson. At The Healing Garden, it is the only lesson you really need. Just this one. Choose and Set the Bar of your Standards before you even begin. Decide just how far you want to climb and the Quality of yourself that you are going to hold yourself and others against no matter what, and then do it.

And if you don’t, commit to practice until you Do it.

Natural Skills vs. Unnatural Skills

(A Brief Incomplete Outline)

  • The Learning Skill
  • Endurance Skill
  • Perseverance Skill
  • Scanning For Opportunities to Learn
  • Skill Selection “Which Skill To Learn”
  • Savoring
  • Courage
  • Indulging in Joy
  • 12 Ethics
  • Problem Solving
  • Logic
  • Communication
  • Receive
  • Transmit
  • Translate
  • Oral Skills
  • Courage
  • The 12 Ethics
  • Making Choices
  • Self-Preservation
  • Defense
  • Denying Access
  • Improvisation
  • Perspective

Academic Disciplines Taught at The Healing Garden

  • Pythagorean Psychology
  • Power Economics
  • Human Propagation

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