PANDO : The Societal Plug-In

Step #1 –> Welcome to PANDO!

This Page provides everything you need to understand what we are all about.

Your first Agenda is to read through this.

Welcome to PANDO

This is Networking School! Where we teach you what a Network really does. What it is for. Why we need them and How to use your.

Your Networking should be working for you. But if you don’t attend “Networking School” then how can you know this!?

Our Schools are 100% Trade Schools. We use Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning and Plato to teach you how to learn so you are Empowered in Self-Authority and Independence so that you don’t NEED a Teacher. Ever again.

100% of everything within PANDO is structured around the Ancient Greek Educational System defined by Pythagoras and Plato. Because those were people who KNEW how to EDUCATE.

We do Mentorships here. Follow through our “Featured Posts” to complete your Onboarding. Start by Subscribing to our Newsletter. This keeps you up to date with everything in PANDO.

PANDO has a MISSION and we are collaborating ONLY for this Mission. When it is time to move, we must all be ready to MOVE. Those in the Newsletter are those who will MOVE. All others will “miss the boat.” DON’T fall behind. What is our Mission? We are a Humanitarian Resource that Nourishes People from the Foundation up. Think Ghandi, Mother Theresa, and Booker T Washington in one. Our goal? Operation : Heal The World. Save the World with our Radical Global Healing Plan and our Healing Engine.

PANDO is that Engine.

STEP #1 – Subscribe to our Newsletter and “Register For The Voyage!”

Step #2 –> Onboarding!

The ONLY way to advance through the Tiers of PANDO is INVOLVEMENT and ETHICAL INTEGRITY. Nothing more. Nothing Less.

  • Tier #1 – “Student” Apprentice Networking
  • Tier #2 – “Stone Soup” Tradesmen Networking 
  • Tier #3 – Pinnacle PANDO Master Networking

Tier #1 – Apprentice Networking PANDO

These are the people who WANT to help, do better, be better, but they may have Mental work to do. They may struggle with Social Anxiety, Communication, Recognizing their Resources or their Skills, and may still be on a Healing Journey.

They may be looking for a Community during their Healing Journey and are not yet ready to Contribute. That does not mean they do not have a place among us.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people goes a long way toward healing.

Expect everyone here to either be on an Ethical Healing Journey or finished with theirs. The Mission of PANDO is to provide, good, Ethical, Healthy Role Models to nurture and also lead through example.

This is where Observers Mimic-Mirror-Repeat Networking behavior. We strongly recommend DIY Triadic Healing for your at this stage.

We have Workshops and Classes for you to join that are designed to open your Voice and get you out of your shell at your own Growth Pace.

Take Advantage of The Guidance Counselor and attend our OnBoarding Resource Guide to help you find your way.

DM Anna on LinkedIn or Facebook for Information about The Guidance Counselor and our Free PANDO Workshops.

Tier #2 – “Stone Soup” Tier

This is where people join The PANDO Catalogue. If you have Resources to Trade and Barter, this is where you are entered into PANDO. 

This is where our Networking Training continues. You learn how to overcome Networking obstacles and you learn how to stop calling Lessons from Mother Nature, “Problems.” This is where you jump in and experience PANDO.

Tier #3 – Pinnacle PANDO

These are the People who are Master Networkers. They have a Network behind them. They know how to Ethically match up and introduce People properly.

Our Mission in PANDO is to train you how to become a Pinnacle PANDO member so you can take these Skills anywhere!

The more people you Connect to PANDO, the more Committed to Ethical Integrity, the closer you get to Tier #3. There is no other way.

Step #3 –> Making the Most of PANDO!

Go here to make the most of PANDO –>

Making the Most of PANDO

Ah! This! … We want to make sure that your Networks are working for you! A Network is NOT just a community! It has a responsibility to nurture its People, and we want you to have the Best Educational Resources available!

Our Mission is to “Plug In” ALL the Societal Gaps that we are all missing! Starting with FREE AND HIGH QUALITY Mental Health programs (which we have) and FREE, HIGH QUALITY, PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE AND EDUCATION for Life, Happiness, and Prosperity!

We are working on Free Medical and Medicinal services as well!

Dream of building a Business? We do that too. Seriously. 100% of everything you have every wanted, PANDO is a Network designed to Free you, Empower you, Heal you, Nurture you, and Propel you forward!

In 2025, our Franchise is GOING GLOBAL!

We are a Societal “PlugIn” to Fix the Societal Crisis! WELCOME to PANDO!

Go here to make the most of PANDO –>

Making the Most of PANDO

More About The Tiers…

Tier #1 Apprentice PANDO People!

This is your “Agenda” and your Homework! This is your Mission if you choose to accept it!

Say Hello. Comment on this post and introduce yourself. Share your challenges, your strengths, and your Missions. Share your Goals.

Sharing. Now that is a class I need to teach.

Sharing. The Shark Tank takes. It leaves no room for sharing. PANDO reintroduces that back to people.

If you need help to overcome your Shyness, let us know! PANDO is an Ethical Sanctuary. You are safe.

Communicate +> Vulnerability +> Connection

It is the only way.

To help you elevate faster, we have a Public and Tier #1 Forum and Market Catalogue (Link Coming Soon). People from all tiers have the freedom to “shop” for services from all Tiers.

Tier #2 “Stone Soup” People!

This is your “Agenda” and your Homework! This is your Mission if you choose to accept it!

We need to add you to the Forum and Market!

Also! Introduce yourself and Say hello! Let us know who you are so we can find you!

Communicate +> Vulnerability +> Connection

It is the only way.

If you do NOT get added to the Forum and Market, then People CANNOT FIND YOU!

Here is the Form to be added to The Forum and Market! (For Members only)

Tier #3 Pinnacle People!

This is your “Agenda” and your Homework! This is your Mission if you choose to accept it!

Comment below on this post! That way other Pinnacle People can know you, find you, and start connecting!

Reminder, You are Leading Through Example Teaching. Be Visible and Transparent please! Tiers #1 and Tiers #2 need to see to learn! So they can Mimic and Mirror!

Tier #2 and Tier #1 people! Listen, watch, observe. This is how Human People Learn.

Here is the Forum and Market Form! Be sure to add you to the Catalogue! (For Members only)


100% of all People at the 7th Ethical Perspective become Pacifists who use Anger calmly to strategically fuel Personal Goals and Plans toward positive change and personal growth. Law Enforcement is not required because the 12 Ethics and Mother Nature are our Master and Authority. Without Exception.

We will see World Peace. Physics says so.

Welcome to The Self-Governed Party of Ethical Law and Natural Order

What this means is that 100% of every one here, Barters and Trades at their own risk (5th Ethic Accountability).

We teach you how to use Discernment (4th Ethic Self-Government) so you can determine what is best for you with the highest quality of education.

100% of everyone within PANDO are vetted for the Integrity of The 12 Ethics.

There is no Law Enforcement. There is no need.

There is no Judicial System. We are all Ethically honor bound to the 7th Ethic.

Mother Nature and her Karma Bank are our Judgment with Punishment of Consumption (Possession) in ratio to our own Offense for Violating the 12 Ethics.

Any wrong doing is 100% between the Self and Mother Nature who we all must answer to (6th Equal Footing and 7th Ethics).

We do not Judge. We forgive. (12th Ethic – Do Not Judge) to preserve the Self.

Anna is not a Licensed Psychologist under any Societal Law.

She is The Queen of The Darkness. She uses Logic, Math, and Physics to prove her work and she has.

We give you the tools to exercise your Self-Authority (2nd Ethic Self-Authority) and the education you require to Empower that Authority.

We are all Equal (6th Ethic Equal Footing).

A Look inside of PANDO

Step #4 –> The Best Of All Of Us

PANDO celebrates Cultural Diversity and celebrates the Best Of All Of Us.

Consult “The List.” If your country is not yet listed, then fill out this form (see below). Tell us what is the best Ethical thing about your Heritage, Culture and/or Country.

First come. First serve.

One per Person. If you have more than one, you are going to have to pick one.

If you know something EXTRAORDINARY about a Lost Culture, you may submit it on behalf of that Culture, in honor of that Lost Culture.

I see a Holiday in our future where we celebrate the Lost Cultures…

Your Resources : This is Your Network Working For You

Our Mission is to merge Nature with Neuroscience, Physics, and Holistic Methods for an Integrated Culture.

Welcome to The Forum and Market Outline. Our Resources fall under 5 Categories:

  • Nutritional Knowledge and Free Quality Education
  • Mental, Medical, and Medicinal Health
  • Spiritual Refreshments
  • The Forum and Market’s Barter & Trade Commerce for Business Owners
  • Entertainment

Nutritional Knowledge and Free Quality Education

“If you cannot explain it simply then you do not understand it well enough.” – Einstein

Masters Only are Accepted. We have the highest of standards. At PANDO, teachers cannot teach until and unless they have Mastered their craft IN THE FIELD. Only Professionally Proficient Masters are permitted to teach our Students.

Information is scanned to remove Prejudice, “Cultural White Washing,” and “Victor’s Glory.” We seek Truth and we teach our Scribes and Students how to spot Information that has been tampered with by the Victors.

  • The Healing Garden and Triadic Healing
  • (Does Your Business Fit Here?)

2 – Mental, Medical, and Medicinal Health

We only accept Pythagorean Psychology. We do not tolerate Freud here. Pythagoras is the Father of Psychology and Philosophers mastered Psychology over 2,000 years ago. Here, in PANDO, we revive Pythagorean Psychology. We are in the process of building Free Medical and Free Medicinal Services with the highest standards and qualities of Medical Science.

We teach our Medicinal Practitioners The Genius Code, to unlock their Higher Thinking so they can solve Medical Problems that have stumped generations before.

  • The Healing Garden and Triadic Healing
  • The Forum and Market
  • (Does Your Business Fit Here?)

3 – Spiritual Refreshments

Holistic, Eastern, and Ancient Wellness and Mindfulness all centered around The Nature/The Energy/God. We focus on Self-Care with Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Sound Baths, Meditations, and Havening. We use Pythagorean Psychology and Physics to nurture the Spirit, Energy, and Soul of the Human Person to help them find The Self and return to Nature.

  • The Forum and Market
  • (Does Your Business Fit Here?)

4 – The Forum and Market Barter & Trade For Ethical Business Growth



100% Ethical Business Practices. No Exceptions. “Sales” is abandoned for “Strategic Solutions.” Transparency replaces “Fine Print.” Human People are not Resources. They have Resources. There is no Hierarchy. We Nourish and Train our People to find and cultivate their Skills and Resources strategically, and then we teach them how to Circulate their Resources with Human Circuitry and Power Economics.

  • (Does Your Business Fit Here?)

5 – Entertainment

Celebrating The Arts, Our Grasshoppers, and Life, Anna’s Playground puts a strong emphasis on the Importance of Games, Play, and Mental Nourishment through Imagination and Creativity.

We focus on Grounding and Energizing. We provide Field Trips for Adults, The Healing Garden Get-A-Way Resorts, Find-A-Friend, Dating Classes, and Friendship/Relationship Educational Material. And for the Non-Conformist, we offer our Ethical Debauchery Outlet for the Curious to the Bold. Because Debauchery is Fun… When it’s Ethical.

We are all about embracing the Integrated Whole of the Self. And that includes our Healthy, Ethical Sexuality as well.

  • Anna’s Playground
  • (Does Your Business Fit Here?)

Growing In PANDO!

Someone has to recommend you to a Pinnacle PANDO member for vetting. You can recommend yourself.

To move up you must have mastered the first 6 Ethics:

  • Courage
  • Self-Authority
  • Self-Regulation
  • Trust (The 1st Ethical Grouping)
  • Self-Government
  • Accountability
  • Equal Footing
  • Justice (The 2nd Ethical Grouping)

You must be Committed to living an Ethical Life according to the 12 Ethics and Mother Nature.

The 12 Ethics were taught by The Buddha, Christ, and Mohammed as well as Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, and Confucius.

The 12 Ethics belong to Mother Nature and are the Parent of the Fibonacci Sequence. They are Logic, Math, and Physics. They cure Mental Illness and eliminate Narcissism. They are also the Life Journey that each and every one of us is on, whether you know about it or not.

The majority of people at the moment are at the 4th Ethic (The Self-Government Trial) people who join PANDO usually have finished the 5th Ethic (Accountability) and are in the 6th Trial (Equal Footing).

100% of “Black Sheep” are 6th+ Ethical Perspectives.

People with ADHD, suffer from Suppressed Perspectives (It’s Physics, which we can break down for you if you want). As you progress through the 12 Ethics, you align to your True Self, Mental Illness falls away, and ADHD symptoms end.

The Healing Garden’s Triadic Healing walks you through the process if you want it!

Mental Illness occurs when you are missing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Ethic, which are the Ethical “ingredients” for the Ethic, Trust. If you have Trust issues, you are missing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Ethic.

Tier #2 Unlocks more opportunities across all of PANDO!

To move up from Tier #1 to Tier #2, you must have mastered the first 6 Ethics and be Consciously Working on the last 6:

  • Receptions and Mindful Listening
  • Transmission and Mindful Talking with Compassionate Nourishment
  • Emotional Transactions and Human Connection
  • True Empathy and Compassionate Foresight (The 3rd Ethical Grouping)
  • Emotional Fluidity
  • Logical Navigation
  • Abandon All Judgement (Forgiveness)
  • Self-Love (The 4th Ethical Grouping)

(Details coming soon)

What do I do to get started?

If you feel you are ready for Tier #2 and / or Tier #3 of PANDO, you must Schedule your Appointment with Anna to discuss your Vision, Dreams, and Plans. This allows us to see how your piece of the Puzzle fits into our Puzzle, while we ensure you have the best of our resources to Nourish you and your Dreams.

Schedule Anna by contacting her on LinkedIn or Facebook. Tell her you want to Join PANDO. Specify if you want to Collaborate (We are equipped and experienced in “hooking up” your people to our Resources to Nourish your Network).

If you are not ready to Advance Through PANDO, if you are wanting to Join, but are not ready for Tier #2 or Tier #3, You have two Options to get started:

1 – Book a Call with The Guidance Counselor and take advantage of our Free Dream Workshops. To do this, schedule Anna by contacting her on LinkedIn or Facebook. Tell you you need PANDO’s Guidance Counselor (This is Free and will require a Zoom call).


2 – DIY your Dreams and Goals. For that, we offer you The Healing Garden. Our Learning and Training is Tiered :

Welcome to PANDO. Defining the Standards for The Future.

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