A Societal Nursery : When Society Needs A Middle School To Accommodate the Next Societal Stages. So We Built It.

30 years of Sociological Studies did a lot to teach me how Societies move, change, and grow to accommodate the growth of the people.

And when a Society “caps” out and the people outgrow the Kindergarten Room, it can be a problem.

A Society is just a Mindset. A Mindset of The Collective Conscious.

Reality is a summation of one person’s Perspective.

Mindset is the trained beliefs of the daily routines that reinforce the trained beliefs.

This led me to ask, “Wait! If Society is JUST a Mindset, then who’s idea was it to build THIS Mindset?”

I call it Society 1.0. And it’s great… for… the Foundationals, but there is a growing number of Cultivators in the world who have “outgrown” Society 1.0.

“Black Sheep” we have been called for decades.

There is one very distinct difference between Foundationals and The Cultivators.

The 5th Ethical Perspective.

When you have learned the 4th Ethic “Self-Government” (obtained through learning the Ethics of Self-Control and Personal Law and Boundaries) and you develop an Ethical Code that is superior — “Superior” in that it Ethically builds on the Existing Laws to enhance them to preserve and nurture Personal Growth and Standards — to the Governing Laws, then Law Enforcement isn’t required after the 6th Ethic, which is why “White Crime” is common among 5th Ethics who did not learn the Ethic “Accountability” yet.

And also why no one at or above the 7th Ethic commits crimes. They are Pacifists and are too conscious of Equal Footing and of Self-Preservation of Self and Others to ever harm the Self or Others.

But they require Education, Information, and Mental Health Guidance to accommodate their Self-Government of the 4th Ethic.

100% of all people at the 5th Ethic become Business Owners.

100% of all people at the 6th Ethic become aware of Ethics.

100% of all people at the 7th Ethic become Dedicated to upholding and living by the 12 Ethics.

This is Mother Nature and Science merging with Pythagorean Psychology. The results? We are Ethically Growing (It is Human Evolution), and it is happening at a rapid rate.

When I was 12, my friends and I would play “Build A Society” and we would brainstorm the components of a Society and what they needed. It was a game I’ve played all my life. Plato had much to say on a Healthy Society.

Plato’s Society in Republic was far more Logical, Ethical, Practical, Simple, and Healthy than Hobbes or Locke (Which is what Society 1.0 was built on). So I did what any Philosopher and Societal Solutionist does, and I built a new Societal Model 2.0… which is more like a Middle School for those who have graduated to the 5th+ Ethical Perspectives and who need to guidance on how to Self-Govern.

A different kind of Education is required for 6th+ Ethics.

A Society is a Network. A Network, with the 5 key components, can be a Society. A Society requires only 2 people. The 5 key components are what makes the difference between a club, a church, and organization, and a Society.

A Society requires all 5 components.

The Components are:

  1. Education
  2. Mental, Medical, and Medicinal Care
  3. Spiritual / Energy / Ethical Guidance and/or Inspiration
  4. A Commerce
  5. Entertainment

And we do all of them. We built it. But… it’s much more than that. A Network is an Energy Circuit. Businesses who join “plug in” their Business to Society 2.0 and they are added to our Forum and Market Catalogue where we provide the “What I Want / What I Offer” platform, boosting visibility of new Members while we teach them how to Network.

Now there is Networking… and then there is NETWORKING. Every individual in Society 2.0 is welcomed aboard and educated on how a Network REALLY works for a person.

We provide them with Free Education so they can make the most of Society 2.0. We direct them to our University we they receive Free Classes on “All the stuff you should have learned in school and didn’t.”

We have 7 NEW Academic Disciplines including

  • Pythagorean Psychology
  • Power Economics
  • Human Circuitry
  • The User’s Manual For the Subconscious Mind
  • The Mother Nature’s Business Model with the Ethical Build-A-Business Walkthrough
  • The 12 Ethical Perspectives of Human Growth and Evolution
  • The Science of Human Propagation for Love, Happiness, Wealth, and Prosperity

We provide our People with “Guidance Counselors,” a Free Service we provide that provides guides them from Society 1.0 into Society 2.0 so they know all of the resources available to them, what they need to achieve for their dreams and why.

We focus on Skill Building through Practical Life Application. Our Teachers and Leaders live by the Ethic “Lead Through Example.”

We nurture Self-Authority and Independence. We emphasize Empowerment.

We educate our people on Toxic and Narcissistic behavior. To protect our people, we do not permit People suffering from Narcissism inside, but we do provide The Narcissist Cure and 100% of the same Free Educational Material and Free Mental Health Resources that PANDO Members get. We do not permit People suffering from Narcissism inside until they do the work and turn to the Ethics.

We Teach Love, Logic, and Freedom all centered around the 12 Ethics.

There is no Racism. No hierarchy. No Gender Roles.

We have a calendar that focuses on our Cultural Aspects:

  • Art
  • Story
  • Love
  • Logic
  • Freedom

Society 2.0 is just a “Societal Plug In” that provides the people with 100% of everything they should have gotten in Society 1.0 and didn’t. We have the Highest Quality of Education. The Highest Quality of Mental Health Care and Knowledge. The Highest Quality of Business Building Models and Resources.

Membership is 100% Free at all Tiers.

Our Forum and Market provides Business Owners with the full circulation to be found and seen by others while being provided with the resources to expand and grow. Ethically.

We are Global, taking the best of every Country and Culture and celebrating it. We are in the process of building Free Medical and Free Medicinal as well. We have an adult Playground that hosts Field Trips for Adults.

Our Teachers are Masters. This is mandatory. Our Teachers are Masters of their Professions. The best of the best. We put the Highest of Quality on our Teachers, Education, and Mental Health, because without those three things, the Society Falls.

The only way to advance or move up through Society 2.0?

Your Ethical Integrity and your Involvement.

Nothing else.

How do we do it? Where are we based?

This is the best part.

We decided to show the world what Social Media REALLY can do. So we used YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to teach the world the POSITIVE side of Social Media. So we are 100% Virtual. Right in the palm of your hand, at all times, to get you whatever it is you need.

  • 1st Perspectives won’t care about this.
  • 2nd Perspectives may find it interesting.
  • 3rd Perspectives will scoff at it and call us Dreamers.
  • 4th Perspectives will say “Damn Hippies” and be angry.
  • 5th Perspectives will be thinking about our Power Economics.
  • 6th Perspectives will come running to us.
  • 7th Perspectives will breathe a massive sigh of relief.
  • 8th Perspectives will be knocking at our door before they’re done reading this.

There are 12 Ethical Perspectives of Human Growth and Evolution. This is the Evolutional Growth that Science proved last week on phys.org that we have lost, and they are right. This is why. The 12 Ethics were lost to us in the 4th Century.

Society 2.0 has revived them.

This is the Power that lay unexplored in Spiral Dynamics since the 1970’s. The 12 Ethical Perspectives of Human Growth and Evolution was the iceberg that lay undiscovered beneath Dr. Graves’ work.

We call it PANDO. Named for the world’s oldest living organism. A “forest” of 40,000 trees located in Ohio, which are all joined at one single root. Each “tree” in that “forest” is really a sapling from the One Root.

We are One and All and Many. We are PANDO.

We are the Societal Plugin to “fix” Society.

We are everything you have needed for your nourishing growth and prosperity that you did not get from Society 1.0.

You want in? You have to go here.

You want to get to Tier #1 and start your Growth? You have to be vetted. No one gets in without talking to Anna.

You may have Mental and Ethical Work to do. We work with you on that and provide you with 100% of all the resources to empower your Self-Authority, provide you with Independence and everything you need to Maximize your happiness and life BEFORE you even enter PANDO.

We have three Tiers:

  • Apprenticeship
  • “Stone Soup”
  • Pinnacles

Apprenticeship is where everyone starts. It is where people are giving 100% of the same material as everyone else from the different tiers so you know at all times what each tier has and also what waits for you.

You only have to get involved and be Ethical:

  • Courage
  • Self-Authority
  • Self-Regulation
  • Trust
  • Self-Government (Self-Control, Personal Law, and Boundaries)
  • Accountability
  • Equal Footing
  • Self-Justice

After this, you step into Tier #2 where you can plug your Ethical Business into our Forum and Market. We train and teach you how to Network and how to generate resources from a Network.

Our People eagerly open doors for each other, consciously with Reciprocity. We use our Subconscious Minds to work for us in PANDO.

Tier #3 is for those with vast Networks who have mastered the Network Game, and who also are engaged and live by the Additional Ethics:

  • Reception and Mindful Listening
  • Transmission and Mindful Talking
  • Compassionate Foresight and Human Connection
  • True Empathy and Love for Others
  • Emotional Fluidity
  • Logical Navigation
  • Abandon All Judgement (Forgiveness)
  • Self-Love

At this Tier, we open up our doors of The Alma Mater. The Nourishing Mother, our Treasury Department, and our Round Table. We are centered around Societal Solutions, Humanitarian Causes, Global Resolution, and Philanthropy Work.

We use the Alma Mater to nourish the Foundationals (Perspectives 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Ethical Perspectives) and we put the Highest Quality of our resources into our Cultivators to ensure the Foundation of Society receives the best nurturing for their growth.

In short, we are a Networking University, a Societal “Plugin,” and the “Middle School” for the Ethical Perspectives and Human Growth and Development. We teach you “How To Life” so you can actually achieve Happiness and Prosperity.

(We already have the Societal Highschool mapped out).

Oh! And in 2025, we are Franchising.

Welcome to The Healing Garden.

Ready to get involved?

Here is our “What You Need to Know” for The Curious to Explore.

If, after reading that, you feel you belong in Tier #1, Tier #2, or Tier #3, DM me on LinkedIn or Facebook. We will need to get you in with The Guidance Counselor to determine the best place for you in our Vision, but most importantly, how we fit into yours.

If you are too shy to talk or are nervous or uncertain, that is the first sign that you have work to do in The Healing Garden’s Public Group. In that case, we recommend the “Getting Started Help Desk” for you as well as The Healing Garden’s Public Group.

When you are ready, talk to me. We’ll find out where you belong to get the most nourishment and growth for your Future and your Mind.

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