The Guidance Counselor

I was very unhappy with my Guidance Counselor when I was a child.

It was something I have thought back on often since the 9th Grade. The idea was sound, but the execution was abysmal. A student of Philosophy, I knew what they were “trying” to do, and also, what they had failed to do.

I dedicated my life to the Study of Societal Solutions.

Here, we present to you the Mastery of Education Done Right.

This is not the Traditional Educational Systems. We are built 100% on The Ancient Greek Educational Systems. The same System that gave us Plato, Pythagoras, Euclid, Aristotle, Christ, Socrates, Pliny The Elder, Plutarch… Do I need to continue?

Here, in PANDO, we have revived this treasure.

It all begins with The Guidance Counselor.

If you have read through PANDO’s Mission and what we are and you want to “Plug In” your Network to our Nourishing Engine, start with The Guidance Counselor.

Schedule Anna by contacting her on LinkedIn or Facebook. Tell her you want to Join PANDO. Specify if you want to Collaborate (We are equipped and experienced in “hooking up” your people to our Resources to Nourish your Network.

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