The Alma Mater

Latin for “Nourishing Mother” this is where the Think Tank, The Round Table, and the Philanthropic side of The Garden manufactures and implements new ideas.

For now, she sleeps,

The Healing Garden’s Alma Mater is a Solution-Focused Philanthropic Group, Fueled by PANDO to resolve Global Issues, the Mental Health Crisis, and to implement them into action and get them done. Here, we organize those ideas and put them to use.

If you wish to get involved and join either The Think Tank, The Round Table, or PANDO, you are in the Right place.

Our agenda for 2035 is Free Mental Health care, Free Ethical and High-Quality Education, and Free Medical Care and Pharmaceutical Needs for the People. Because a Societal Heart’s only job is to nurture the People who then, in turn, nurture the Mother, who then Nurtures the People.

Members in PANDO will be first to stay up to date on news and information regarding The Alma Mater. If you wish to be informed when our Sleeping Giant awakens, Join PANDO.

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