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Alexandria, or The HMS Alexandria, was named after my Alma Mater; The Ancient City of Alexandria and The University of Alexandria. The knowledge and the Information that lies inside of Triadic Healing and The Healing Garden was pulled from my studies under Plato and Socrates, and the Philosophy I learned there.

Alexandria was not just a Library. It was a Museum inside of a University inside of the entire City of Alexandria dedicated to Learning, Education, and Knowledge. During the Roman Era, Alexandria was the Epicenter of Knowledge. It was the World Capital of Education, which is why The Lighthouse of Pharos, one of the Seven World Wonders, was a Lighthouse. The Universal Symbol for Knowledge and Learning.

It is my dream to turn New York City into the Epicenter of Education and recognize her as the Modern World Capital of Knowledge and Learning. And anyone who knows New York City knows she is well on her way to already living up to that title.

In the 4th Center, 380 CE, the Roman Empire destroyed the entire City of Alexandria. According to legend, the Emperor said, “Let their blood reach my knees.” 100 years later, The Dark Ages had begun leaving Ireland as the new world leader of Education and Knowledge. 100 years after that, Rome sent St. Patrick to Ireland to do to Ireland what they had done to Alexandria, but St. Patrick had another plan. He preserved the Knowledge in Ireland, saving them from The Dark Ages. The Philosopher Bards of Ireland and the Illuminated Scripts flourished right up until the 17th Century.

By the year 1,100 CE, The Irish Kings were eating alongside Peasants and Servants as equals. They had eliminated The Hierarchy, which dominates the globe, and evolved to The 6th Ethical Perspective. To this day, Ireland is at the 10th Ethical Perspective while the US is at the 4th Ethical Perspective. I use Ireland as my “Control Group,” which remained unaffected by the loss of Alexandria.

If there is still magic in this world, it is in Ireland.

When the Roman Empire destroyed Alexandria, we lost a Science that was taught within that has not been heard of since. The Lost Science of Human Propagation, Prosperity, Happiness, and The 12 Ethics of Perspective Growth. The Lost Science of Human Propagation covers:

  • Parenting
  • Relationships (Love)
  • Education and Learning
  • Problem Solving and Logic
  • Power Economics
  • Comprehension and Communication
  • The 12 Ethics of Perspective Growth
  • The Science and Logic of Story and Storytelling

These Eight Subjects are oddly absent from our Academic Culture. Have you noticed? This is why. This… is why. Because Rome strategically removed them on purpose. One may ask “Why?” Which I cover here. As you go through The Healing Garden and Triadic Healing, you will start to understand just how powerful these subjects were and why the Roman Empire flourished as it did. And also, why the Roman Empire had Alexandria destroyed.

These subjects are buried in Ontological Physics and, ironically, directly into Plato’s Curriculum, which he taught in La Academia (The Predecessor of Alexandria).

The Healing Garden’s Alexandria covers three primary areas:

  • Triadic Healing Parts #2, #3, and #4
  • The Alma Mater, which is Latin for “The Nourishing Mother”
  • The PANDO Connectwork

Triadic Healing

Those who choose to indulge in Triadic Healing unlock Triadic Healing Part #2 where they move over to Alexandria. From there, they move on to Triadic Healing Part #3 and/or Part #4. This is the space for our Cultivators, Business Owners, and Philosophers

Triadic Healing is Pre-requisitional Learning and Triadic Healing Part #1 is required to move on to Triadic Healing Part #2, which is the pre-requisite for Triadic Healing Part #3 and Part #4.

Triadic Healing Part #2

For the Cultivator. Those who identify as Communicator, Healer, Teacher, and Parent will find themselves at home, drinking deeply from Triadic Healing Part #2. The more you learn about our Cultivation Course, the more you real realize that Healing, Parenting, Teaching, and Power Economics are all the same thing. It’s actually just one course.

Triadic Teaching is available for Teachers who are ready to change the way they do Education, Learning, and Knowledge. Our Free Program for Schools gets Triadic Healing into your School District. We train your Staff on Triadic Teaching and Triadic Parenting, which gives Parents and Families access to Triadic Healing. Learn More.

The Healing Garden Franchise is an option available to Healers, Coaches, and Lightworkers who wish to buy into the Franchise. Learn More.

Triadic Healing Part #3

For the Business Owner and Entrepreneur, after Triadic Healing Part #2 where you learn about Power Economics and Communications, you have the option to move on to our Business Course. We walk you through the full Business gambot from A to Z right on up to Corporate C Executive as well as Fame, Fortune, and Limelight.

This is where we train Ethical Leaders.

The Healing Garden Corporate Package is an option available to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs at every level. I offer Diagnostics and Employee Benefits for your Staff and Employees and their Families so they can access Triadic Healing. Learn More.

Triadic Healing Part #4

After Triadic Healing Part #2, the Intellects and Life-Long Learners have the option to join Anna around The Philosopher’s Fountain where Anna works with Triadic Healing Alumni directly on her Philosophy. Between The Philosopher’s Fountain and Anna’s Playground, this is where you will me. Also too in the Welcome and Receiving new arrivals. I love greeting new people. 🙂

The Alma Mater

My Politics, Ethics, Spirituality, and Philosophy are very much embedded into The Healing Garden and Alexandria. I am very transparent about my Views. Philosophers talk extensively on Ethics and Politics.

You’ve heard of “Government,” which implies “Governing” the people. An Alma Mater nourishes the people. The Alma Mater was based 100% on Plato’s Republic where he introduces a Self-Government for Ethical People who are ready to “expand” on the Foundation of Government. He called this concept “The Ship of State.”

I identify as “The Self-Governed Party of Ethical Law and Natural Order.” I realized “If I don’t assign myself a Political Status then other people will… *rolls eyes* and so I invented this Political Party so I can tell Finger Pointers and Accusers to kindly fuck off. Cuz that’s Politics.

I am a US born Citizen. I reside on US soil. I am, through-and-through, a New Yorker who lives in Brooklyn where the Culture here is often misunderstood and is deemed “rude” by the rest of the US. My Alma Mater is The Ancient University of Alexandria. That is where I went to university and studied exclusively under Plato and Socrates.

I am an Ontological Physicist, a Philosopher Bard, and a Philanthropist and Humanitarian. And I am a Proud and Passionate Capitalist who embraces and nurtures Free Market. In Power Economics, you learn why.

I Identify as a Citizen of and am Ambassador of The Abstract.

My views on Societal Systems are unheard of and I have my own idea of a Working System, which you can learn about here. I detest Hierarchy-Based Systems where the Most Powerful sit above the Disadvantageous. That is egregiously unethical and disgusts me.

I do not identify with any Spirituality, Religion, or Denomination. My Authority is Logic, Math, and Physics governed, ruled, and Dominated by “Mother Nature,” which I also refer to as “The Universe.” I am her little bitch. As are we all.

Jesus Christ is viewed as a Philosopher here in Alexandria and is my peer. The word “Disciple” — Discipulus (S.) Discipuli (Pl.) — is Latin for “Follower of a Philosopher” and his 12 Disciples were of the 12 Ethics. One representative of each Ethic so he could consult with all of the Perspectives at any given time. I am jealous. That would be so convenient! I am a firm believer that the “Scholars and Priests” who Christ spoke to when he was 12 were Philosophers. I strongly feel that Christ may have attended the University of Alexandria. His teachings are 100% identical to the Philosophy taught there.

The 12 Jurors also, in Rome, used to be of the 12 Ethics: One Juror for every Ethical Perspective so that an Individual was being judged by the Integrated “Omniscient” Point of View. Something I intend to restore in our System.

Learn more about The Alma Mater

The Alma Mater focuses on Mental Health Care, Humanitarian causes, Philanthropy, Education, and Resources for The People. Our focus is to nurture the Foundation to nurture the Community.

We do this via The Round Table and The Think Tank

The Think Tank is where Members brain storm new Humanitarian issues to resolve and vote on at The Round Table. Members of our Think Tank are provided with Training Material on Problem Solving and Logic so they can turn Ideas into Action with ease. They also create and plan events to execute the resolution to these problems.

The only requirements of The Think Tank is you have to have completed Triadic Healing Part #2, which Aspiring Members receive Free of Charge.

Learn more about The Think Tank

The Round Table is where Members who have a Seat can vote on which Humanitarian issues to resolve. They review the plans from the Think Tank and execute those plans through Executive Productions. Membership is $15,000/Seat and that money is placed in our Treasury to be used toward the funding of Humanitarian Solutions and Resolution.

Voting of The Round Table is held once a year live, in New York City. The only requirements of The Round Table is you have to have completed Triadic Healing Part #3, which Aspiring Members receive Free of Charge.

Learn more about The Round Table

The PANDO Connectwork

None of this runs without PANDO. PANDO *is* The Healing Garden Network. Without Community, Dreams die.

PANDO is The Healing Garden’s Connectwork where we teach people hands-on how to Network, Connect, Communicate, and make the most out of their Network. The PANDO is The Healing Garden. Those in Triadic Healing Part #2 learn about Power Economics and how The PANDO fuels people and ideas to take motion through Society.

100% of all Money, Wealth, Resources, Trade and Exchange come from Network. If you have a Poor Network, you will have Poverty. If you have a balanced Prosperous Network, you will have Abundance. Our Network is fueled by Nutritional Knowledge, Strategic Nurturing of our People, and Power Economics.

Is your Network Working for you? It should be.

PANDO is 100% Free for all to join.

Learn more about PANDO

Now we’re going to head on over to The Laboratory.

Let’s head on to Anna’s Lab.

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