Get Involved

“Please… Anna. I want to help.”

Many people love what we do at the Garden so much that they want to become a part of it on the Inside. We warmly welcome any and all who wish to help. 

We need: 

  • Ship Captains for bringing people to the Garden’s Respite Center.
  • Idea Generators for our Think Tank. We provide you with the Platform, but “If You Think It, You Lead It.” We give you the Resources and the Training to do so. 
  • Lightworkers who want to Integrate Triadic Healing into their Healing Agenda via The Healing Garden Franchise
  • Angel Investors who are so passionate about our Goal, Journey, and Mission, that they want to become part of our Garden through Monetary Funding.
  • Ethical Sponsorship for Ad Placement for those who’s monetary sponsorship will help us launch our Fleet across the Wilderness of Nothing.
  • Collaborations with other Businesses who want to align and connect The Garden with their Business in our Nurture-For-Nurture/Value-For-Value Exchange Agreement
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