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[Anna is building The Game in Game as you play. Pilgrim Players must reach Milestones to Unlock the next level. If you are seeing this message, it is because you are Pioneering The Game and are where “No man has been before.” Contact Anna in Find-A-Friend And Guild Members “The Game” Discussion Group on WhatsApp to let Anna know that you have reached “The Edge of The Frontier” so she knows to unlock the next Chapter for all the Pilgrim Players who come after you.]

You pull out the Provisions List from the envelope and it says, “Unfold Me to Transport.”

You unfold the Provisions List Anna provided to you in the Cave of Dreams and, at once, the Cave melts away and you are standing in a boisterous bazaar.

From the architecture of sandstone that reflected the hot, desert sun, the heavy, canvas tents in all shapes and sizes and colors, and the sitar music playing, the white alabaster and sands, you stand in the Ancient Egyptian streets of Alexandria.

The Lighthouse of Pharos rises on the horizon over the sea. Tents and tables, shops and vendors line the streets.

You look down at the List, and you see that a second, unopened letter has been tucked securely inside. On the back of this unopened letter it reads, “Unfold Me to Return.”

You tuck the unopened letter into your pocket and read the Provisions List.

“Congratulations on your Courage and Choice.

Here is the “Provisions List” for The Game. Everything on the list is Optional. You choose as little or as much as you need. The more you have, the easier The Game will be for you.

Question #7

Are you The Ant… or The Grasshopper?

Question #8

Forwards or Backwards?

What you need…

The Recommended Reading List

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