Mimir’s Well

Close a door and another one opens.

I am a firm believer that our minds are only allowed a certain number of open doors. But every door open is more like a “0” and every closed door is a “1.” And when you’re living in Logical Code where one open door is a limitation on what other doors you can open, then you become possessive over keeping other doors closed just to ensure this one door stays open.

Before you know it, you’re not living. You’re giving up what you love to keep a door open. You’re missing out on what you want just to ensure this one door stays open. And you ignore the closed doors that would open if you weren’t so determined to keep this one door open.

And when you finally close that door, you feel the chains fall off of you. You feel your freedom come to you in waves, and all the doors that you couldn’t open because you were holding onto this one door just swing open… and suddenly, all your dreams come flooding back to you.

You remember that trip to Europe you wanted to take, but never did. You remember the globe trotting you had planned on doing, but never did. You remember everything and it all comes back.

So the question I have for you is… what doors are you guarding to ensure they stay open? What doors are you holding open that have caused the closing of other doors you desire? Somethings are so logical that when you hold onto one thing, it blinds you to all the other things you are missing out on.

This is Mimir’s Well.

The Pilgrimage is long and hard. The Healing is arduous and long. This is a marathon. Not a sprint. Pace yourself, but don’t stop for so long that you stop. Remember Ulysses. Remember Cerce. Pace yourself, but don’t push on for so long that you burn out. Remember the 3rd Ethic. Self-Regulation.

If you seek more Wisdom, Guidance, or Direction to help you along your Healing Journey or Pilgrimage, then I offer you a Ladle of Water from Mimir’s Well.

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