The Network Societal Convention

In 2026, Anna will be inviting Leaders from around the Globe to join the Network Societal Convention.

In the meantime, Register your Societal Network with Alexandria so that our People can find your People. (Link Coming Soon)


In order to be classified as a Network Societal System, your Network must have:

  • A Philosophy
  • A Resource System for Your People with which to Nourish them
  • At least 2 (Two) Members

The Characteristics of Network Societal Systems

  • A Philosophy, Mission, Law and/or Ethical Code
  • Entertainment / Art
  • An Educational System
  • Mental and/or Medical Health Services
  • An Economy / Trade / Barter System

The Tiers of A Network Societal System

  • Tier #1 – One Characteristic
  • Tier #2 – Two Characteristics
  • Tier #3 – Three Characteristics
  • Tier #4 – Four Characteristics
  • Tier #5 – Five Characteristics

PANDO of Alexandria is a Tier #5 Societal Network System. Membership is always 100% Free. Join Now.

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