The Healing Garden Philosophy

This is a post that has been long overdue. I realized “A Mission” is not the same thing as “A Philosophy.” If you want to know the Mission of The Healing Garden, that is available here. But the Philosophy…

The Healing Garden was built on the belief that we are a community, you, me, us, all of us, right now, whether or not we acknowledge that. We are all in a relationship. Mother Nature is our Core. And we all belong to her. And whether you like it or not, this Earth is our home. Mine and yours and all. 

Every Community requires an organized agenda with structure and a leader. 

And that is what The Healing Garden is. 

There is “no one at the top.” This is not a hierarchy. There is simply 3 Stages of Learning.

  • Observer/Mimic
  • Mimic/Role Model
  • Role Model/Observer

We don’t “Lead” in the Garden. We don’t “Teach” in the Garden. We set an example. Students are free to Observe and Mimic at their own pace and without instruction. They *have* to ask. The courage to speak without provocation is Mother Nature’s first lesson that everyone has to pass.  

At The Healing Garden, Role Models wait to be asked before answering questions. Observers and Mimics are encouraged to ask questions (Socratic Method).

This philosophy takes the “Hierarchy” and “Top Dog” out of the Community. It replaces “Competition and Scarcity and Winning” with “Collaboration and Working Together.” 

It’s focused on “I’m not saying I am better than anybody else. But I’ll be damned if I’m not just as good.” And this Philosophy exceeds Age, Gender, Race, Education, Perspective, Religion. 

The Healing Garden embraces All the Perspective Stages, and seeks to nurture each and every strength at each and every Perspective. 

The Healing Garden Philosophy is based on the belief that Mental Health, Education, and Value and Purpose are all Symbiotic and required for Optimum Mental Wealth. That, in order to have balance, you require all three of these things. That these three things, when Integrated, are the Core of Community and the Emotional Transaction of Human Connection.

The Healing Garden Philosophy is based on the belief that Art, Communication, and Science are all Integrated components of the Self and Community. That Mother Nature is Logic, Math, and Science, and the Scientific Method, the 12 Ethical Stages of Perspective Growth, and the Mindful Awareness of Communication, Growth, and Allowance is the core to a Healthy Growing Self and Community.

The Healing Garden Philosophy is based on the belief that true Healing of a World, a People, a Community, a Country begins at the Foundation with the people working together to help themselves and each other. And that the people at the Foundation are the most important, for they are the Foundation of the Community.

For this reason, The Healing Garden’s “Tiered” System uses the “top” tiers to fuel and fund the Foundational tiers. The Healing Garden is a mass-organized Philanthropist/Humanitarian, which incorporates Capitalism, Investment, Non-Profit, and Philanthropy for a balanced economy based on Nurture, Fuel, Play-Learn. 

The Healing Garden Nurtures.
The University of Alexandria provides Play-Learning Rest and Wisdom to all.
The Black Thumb Farms and Anna’s Playground brings in money to Fuel The Healing Garden.

Anyone of any education level, of any background, of any class or financial holding can enter The Garden. It is a respite, a safe haven, a “Reset” button on life, an answer to the Education, Mental Health, Economic, and Community Crisis we are currently facing.

It was built on the Science of Ethical Law and Natural Order that Mother Nature instilled in each and every one of us and backed by Logic, Math, and Physics with Scientific Method.

Love and Logic and Freedom centers around the 12 Ethics, which are the heart of The Healing Garden. These are the Pillars of Ethical, Prosperous Humanity. And it all begins with the First Pillar: Story. 1 +> 3 +> 12 +> Infinity

Story +> Love + Logic + Freedom <+ The 12 Ethics = Peace, Happiness, Prosperity

(We have 100% of all of Mother Nature’s Formulas)

And if you feel that you don’t have these three things, we have the system, the tools, the resources, the knowledge, the answers, the theory, the philosophy, and the science to get you there.

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