The Teacher of Teachers

When you’ve mastered the point with such expertise that you can succinctly Simplify the Lesson, then you are ready to Teach so as to transfer the lesson seamlessly at Plato’s Point, then, are you ready to Teach.

The only true place for any teacher is on Equal Footing with The Student so as to Preserve and Nourish their Power of Choice while they Learn. To not do this violates the Student and compromises the Equal Footing, which turns the “Lesson” into a Power Play where Domination and Submission become the True Lessons. That’s when Education stops being about the Learning.

If you wish to Nurture Students into Ethical, Wise Life-Long Learners who embrace Growth, you must forever Role Model an Ethical Wise Student who embraces Life-Long Learning and Growth.

It wasn’t until my 43rd Year and 36th Level of Consciousness that I realized just how rare and privileged my Education was.

I had 7 Master Teachers in Highschool while I was learning directly through Plato’s Curriculum by Plato and Socrates. I learned things about Learning, Education, and the Transmission of Information that is not known today.

  • 2 Philosophers
  • 1 Theologian
  • 1 Musician from Julliard
  • 1 Logician
  • 1 Linguist
  • 1 English, Story, Perspective

What I learned was the difference between Information (A Degree) and Mastery of a Discipline.

What I learned was that Mastery of a Discipline was the only requirement of a Teacher. That if you lacked Mastery of a Skill

That Teaching was the Skill of Communication, Transmission, and Reception, which was a Branch of Power Economics and Physics, Theater and Stage, and Story.

That if the student’s Learning Path was obstructed in early Child-Hood, the chances of a Teacher Connecting with the Student was going to be non-existent.

This presented a few problems in Reception:

  • 1 – Students who were traumatized in Communication could not connect
  • 2 – Students who were traumatize in Learning would not connect
  • 3 – Students who were forced to Connect in areas that did not Interest them would not connect

I studied Teachers who were frustrated and were struggling to “reach” their Students. On a rare occasion, Teachers talked on the joy of connecting with a Student, which was one in 1,000.

This lack of Connection is so common that is widely accepted as “normal” without question. It is assumed that “There is just nothing we can do.”

I’ve spoken to teachers over 20 years, all of whom expressed this same problem.

What I have here is the Solution.

Before I break this down, I need to introduce the Groupings:

1 – Kindergarten and 1st Graders “Operation : Nurture”

2 – Elementary School “Operation : Reversal”

3 – Highschool –>> “Operation : Salvage”

The reason for these three groups is because the extent of the Damage is dependent upon the Age of the child (Exposure) and also the Trauma at Home.

Why Doesn’t a Child Learn?

Actually, Children do naturally learn. Outside elements obstruct the Child’s Natural Learning and shuts them down.

What Causes a Child to Engage?

Interest, Curiosity, and Timing. Trust and Safety. Consent and Desire.

Ultimately, Love. When a student loves a subject, you cannot keep the student away from learning. Learning is not about “Information” or “Getting a job.” It is about “Defining The Self” so that they can choose a career that best suits their Defined Self.

The Goal of a Teacher should not be to “impart a love of learning.” Nature does this. The Goal of a Teacher should be to provide the Resources that the student requires once the Student makes a decision what they want to learn and where they want to go in life.

The Goal of a Teacher should be to only teach the Student How to Learn, Logic, Perspective Hopping and Problem Solving.

The purpose for Imagination and The Arts

Imagination, Make-Believe, and Creativity are key elements in Problem Solving. When a person of any age has Information

How does a Human Being Learn?

Memorization is not learning. Memorization is what Actors do in Theater to remember lines for a play. 2 Weeks after recitation, the information is gone. This is not Learning.

Internalization is Learning and is the process of Integrating a Skill into the Intuition through Practical, Repeated Application. Practical = Practice. But this is only Stage #1 of Learning. This is The Apprentice Student.

Stage #2 of Learning is refining the Intuition into Proficiency. This is not Comprehension. This is Habitual Mindlessness. This is not Learning or Comprehension. “I don’t know how, I just do it” and “I don’t know what I’m doing. You’ll just have to figure it out” are common phrases spoken at this stage. This is The Tradesmen Student.

In Stage #3 Apprentice Teacher, the Student becomes the Master when they become Consciously Aware of their Intuition and they can Translate the Intuition into Succinct Simplicity. The Master is the Translator of Intuition into Simple Comprehension. Now, the Master is ready for Teaching at Plato’s Point. This is when the skill is officially “Learned.” This is the Master who is now ready for becoming an Apprentice Teacher at their Mastered skill.

At Stage #4 Tradesman Teacher, the Master can evolve the craft and invent and create something unheard of and new. This is The Philosopher. This is the Master who is a Tradesmen at Teaching their Mastered Skill.

People who desire to teach must first Master a Skill, and also the Skills of :

  • Communication and Connection
  • Power Economics
  • Logic and Problem Solving
  • Physics
  • Theater and Stage
  • Story

One of my favorite examples of this is Anna and Dance and Art.

There are Four Layers of Knowledge in my mind for the following Subjects:

  • Music
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Theater
  • Stage
  • Story
  • Language / Linguistics
  • Logic
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Power Economics
  • Philosophy
  • Problem Solving
  • Perspective Hopping
  • Learning
  • Parenting
  • Teaching
  • Human Connection
  • Business
  • Ontology
  • Philosophy
  • Healing
  • Trauma Recovery
  • The Subconscious Mind
  • Sociology
  • Government
  • Human Behavior

These are all of the Subjects that I am a Master+ Skill Proficiency. Dance, I am a Highly Proficient Tradesmen. Art, I am an Apprentice.

In every single “Mastered Skilled” listed above, I can See all Four Dimensions of those crafts. I can maneuver my perspective around them so easily that, just hearing others speak, I know precisely which Point of View they are at, what blinders they have, and where they need to shift to “see” their solution.

At Dance, I feel it. I can’t explain it. I just feel it.

Art? I see three “dotted” blocks outlining Empty Space where I know Knowledge would be *if* I was skilled. I have no idea what is inside those three blocks. It feels like it’s “Unlocked” levels that I just cannot access.

The only way to “unlock” those blocks is Practical Practiced Application. By Doing while being taught the Theory by a Master who can skillfully Succinctly Simplify what I would be doing and why at Plato’s Point.

What is Plato’s Point?

Plato’s Point is the only place in all Education, Teaching, and Learning where the Student can smoothly and seamlessly receive information from the Master.

It only exists on Equal Footing with Consensual Connection when the Student is Open to Receive and the Teacher is Mastered enough to know precisely how to transfer the Information seamlessly with simple words.

Plato’s Point. If the Student is not willing or interested, Equal Footing is not possible. If the student is unwilling, but is forced, nonconsensual connection is now a factor. The Mental Trauma of nonconsensual connection is significant. If the unwilling student has previous Trauma due to nonconsensual connection, the Trauma is amplified resulting in Education and Learning trauma.

This is why the majority of Students cannot be reached.

The Solution

Learning is a Symptom of Mental Wealth. If we shift our priorities to Mental Wealth instead of Learning, Learning will become a Natural Consequence. Teachers need to become Healers.

We need to stop prioritizing Education over Mental Health.

Learning is a Natural Consequence of a Healthy Mind. When you prioritize the Nurturing environment with Preservation of the Power of Choice and Equal Footing, the Child Naturally gravitates toward Learning on their own.

The Solution will be different for every Grouping.

Kindergarten and 1st Graders “Operation : Nurture”

High Nurture with High Rate of Success

This is the Group where we can expect no problems. They will adapt the most easily here. The change will be on the Parents and the Teachers. Millennials and Gen Z will adapt more easily than older Generations.

5th and 6th Perspectives will adapt quite easily to this.

Elementary School “Operation : Reversal”

High Nurture with Medium Rate of Success and Delayed High Rate of Success.

This is where we begin to see “The Growing Pains.” Likewise, another “spectrum” will emerge. The children who are not abused at home will adjust according to schedule. The children who are abused at home will “light up” like a beacon. The reason for this is that the children in abusive homes will see the Healthy Nurture Atmosphere, which will emphasize their abuse at home and the new School model will no longer mask or hide the abuse.

As children from healthy happy homes settle in, children from abusive homes will resist the change in schools and they will select one of the three “Learning Spaces” that most emulate their home life. Furthermore, when offered the space to relax and settle, they will not. They will resist the peace and the change.

The resistance to the change can serve as a metric to the severity of abuse at home. Abusive parents will be the most vocal about the change. The most nurturing of parents will ask to adapt the program into their home life because they will see the positive change in their children.

1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Ethical Perspectives will be slow to adjust, but will eventually fall in line.

Highschool “Operation : Salvage”

High Nurture with Low Rate of Success and Delayed Medium Rate of Success.

This is where the children will divide into a few groups. The abused group as we saw in the Elementary and Middle School aged children, but also the teens who lost their Imagination early on who may struggle adapting despite coming from loving homes.

The 5th and 6th+ Ethical Perspectives will adjust seamlessly to this program.

1st, 2nd, and 4th Perspectives will resist it based on their levels of Imagination. (1sts always follow 2nd and 2nds always follow 4ths and 4ths always follow rules).

3rd Ethical Perspectives will resist it the most due to their not yet learning the Ethic of Self-Regulation combined with their Self-Authority, although, this program will nurture their Self-Authority and we can anticipate the happy healthy 3rd Ethics adopting this program immediately.

Transition Stage

The Educational Structure Model is so different from what the student has experienced that a Transition Stage must be allowed. We all must learn to Grow together.

Stage #1

First Month

Shock, Guilt, and Panic, Anxiety. This is the Stage where the Student experiences Slave-Withdrawal Symptoms. It is when the Teachers and Parents bear witness to the severity of the Trauma the student has been under. The Student wanders, seems lost, will feel sick and guilty for “not obeying” Time or The Clock. Expect to see the Student sleep for long hours. This is Trauma Healing (My daughter slept 4 to 6 hours a day for 2 weeks).

Parents and Teachers experience Guilt, Shock, rage, anger, self-loathing and evidence of the Abuse the Student has endured under the System becomes more and more apparent. The more abuse suffered under the Slave-Mind, the more severe the Withdrawal Systems.

Expect no work. Expect the Student to do nothing. If they do study or learn, be sure they do it because they want to and not because they feel Guilty. This is vital. They Student and the Parent and Teacher must understand this. Guilt must not be present when the Student does return to Learning.

Words like “Lazy” must be strictly banned.

Stage #2

Second Month

The Student goes through Crying, Break downs, Grief, Realization, and then Boredom and Stir Crazy. The Mission in this stage is for the Student to Problem Solve their own Boredom. The Student must indulge in Boredom and they must overcome this Trial with their own Problem Solution Skills.

Parents and Teachers MUST NOT give helpful suggestions. This is actually the Parent and Teacher problem solving for the child and it obstructs the Problem Solving process that the child must conquer. “You have a Problem? Ah. What do you think you should do?”

The adjustment to time was the most significant change. My daughter was floored at how much time there actually was in a day and she struggled to problem solve how to fill her days. She took up cooking, which built on her math skills.

Socratic Method. Always.

Stage #3

Third Month

Physical Symptoms subside. ADHD significantly decreases, Migraines and Headaches end.

Boredom, Learning how to Problem Solve Boredom, Learning how to Learn, Learning how to recover their Curiosity, Excitement, and Imagination She would not try talking. She would quit 100% of the time and would not even try to talk.

Here, she passionately began pursuing Art and dissecting her own challenges. She selected her teacher on YouTube to fit her Learning style. A Master of Art.

Parents and Teachers need to let the child be bored. Do not provide Structure. The child must learn to Self-Govern and Problem Solve their own Structure. The more you do for the child, the more you enable. Their Intuition and Natural Learning starts to kick in here. The Boredom inspires them to Problem Solve and the solution? The only thing there is to do is Dream and Learn, then Work toward your Dream. Let the child find their way.

Stage #4

At this stage, I saw no visible symptoms of ADHD from my daughter. The shaking and constant movement has ended. Furthermore, she started talking. Something she had been too terrified to do prior. She quits trying to talk and express herself about 60% of the time.

She started rewriting Game Instructions and she was writing essays on the psychological Analysis in Behavior of characters in The Walking Dead.

Stage #5

Her Talking Skill has increased. She regularly tries to communicate and my patience and encouragement has nurtured her into a safe space so she only quits 20% of the time now. But I also noticed that she is now coming back to it.

At this Stage, my Daughter pursued her own studies in Geography via an App because she wanted to. She chose an App “World Quiz” that teaches Flags and Countries. She pursued her own interests in Language (Spanish). Art is her forte and is her Central Language, so to learn Math, Science, Problem Solving, Anatomy, and Logic, she has to do Art to Learn those other Disciplines.

The Real Lesson : The Symbiotic Relationship of Mental Health and Learning

Every Academic Discipline has “Nuggets” that, when learned with Logical Deductive Reasoning, makes the rest of the Discipline Common Sense.

Traditional Systems neglect the “Nuggets,” remove the Deductive Reasoning and Logic and instead, teaches the “Common Sense” material en masse via engorgement and hoarding of Information. This results in a gluttony of Spoon-feeding through Forced Memorization.

In The Healing Garden’s System, The “Nuggets” are taught alongside:

  • Communication and Connection
  • Power Economics
  • Logic and Problem Solving
  • Physics
  • Theater and Stage (Make-Believe)
  • Story
  • Perspective Analysis


  • Parenting
  • Learning and the 12 Ethics
  • Communication and Comprehension
  • Emotional Transaction and Human Connection
  • Power Economics
  • Story and Teaching
  • Logic and Problem Solving

A True Teacher Teaches the Learning Skill and The Academic Discipline of Learning to Students.

The remainder Disciplines becomes Symptoms and Tools of Learning, which results in “The Educational Journey” that is as Unique to every Individual as it can be.

The Academic Disciplines become a buffet that a Student can dip into as they desire at their own will to indulge as their Intuition and Desires guide them. This nurtures their Mental Wealth through Free Learning, which turns the Student’s life into a joyous Journey of Empowered and Self-Strategic Learning cultivated to fit their Creativity and Imagination resulting in Optimum Mental Wealth.

The Mental Health Benefits of “The Educational Journey” and Free Learning

Power of Choice

Empowered sense of Self-Authority

We are still building this… If you arrive here, please let us know.

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