The Best Of All Of Us

This is something…

The People of PANDO cherry picks the Best of every Culture and Country and puts it all together!

If you are new to PANDO, and you are the first to represent your Country and/or Culture, tell us the best of your Country / Culture and it will immediately be added to The PANDO Culture

  • Irish (The Founder)! The Bards! Story, Music, Dance, Story. The Philosopher Bards. Our Music.
  • Scottish (The Founder)! Honor. Vows. Kin. Family. The Clans!
  • Puerto Rico (The Founder)! Salsa!
  • From Ancient Rome we have Lauderdag (Old Norse), which is “Community Wash day” (This comes from the Founder’s Daughter so it stays. The wee lass has spoken.)

Submit The Best of Your Country and all of You!

Our Calendar

We have a Five Day Calendar System where Freedom is a 3 Day Celebration

Art Day Monday

Story Day Tuesday

Love Day Wednesday

Logic Day Thursday

Freedom Friday, (which is a three day celebration) Day #1

Freedom Friday Day #2, (which is a three day celebration)

Freedom Friday Day #3, (which is a three day celebration)

The Annual Thing in New York City

From Norway, we have The Thing, which is our Annual Assembly held in New York City in June (The Solstice) Every Year. There, the Alma Mater meets with The Round Table. We have our annual Knighting where Anna Knights people in honor of the work they have done.

PANDO’s Highest Honor. To be Knighted by The Queen of Darkness.

We have Ethical Debauchery, Tom Foolery, and Merriment. And we Celebrate with Joy, Love, and People. For this is the Purpose of Life.

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