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“The Healing Garden World is vast. Our Vision is grand. There are no limits to dreams here. This is where we do the Impossible.” – Anna Imagination

Welcome to Alexandria.

Many people come through here, some via The Garden, others by Ship. This space is dedicated to Triadic Healing Part #2, The Education, Philosophy, and Nurturing of Ethical Leaders and Cultivators. This is where our Connectwork Pando is nurtured. The Alma Mater is here. As well as The Anna’s Philosophy.

This is The University of Ethical Education and Learning.

Parents, Teachers, Healers, and Entrepreneurs find many resources here. The Abstract World that started at The Healing Garden continues here.

The Healing Garden and Alexandria is a Respite for Ethical Leaders in this Narcissistic, Unethical World. 

It is a Respite. Short and simple. We have all the remedies, answers, instructions, guidance, and love and sunshine you seek. People come to The Healing Garden… Oh no… No… THIS… this requires a story… 

The Emperor and The Black Sheep

Once upon a time, there was a Kingdom, which was wrong by an evil Emperor. He enslaved and manipulated and, cloaked in secrets, deceptions, and lies, he formed a campaign designed to hoard and take all of the Power in all of the land. He lured his people with promises of wealth and happiness. And many came. He gave them instruction, filling his words with filth. And they drank from his poisoned goblets. 

They ate his poisoned food. The children gorged themselves on The Fruit of Knowledge that he infected with his Virus. And the sickness spread throughout the land. But some people, not many, grew wiser. Some people, not many, were immune. “Black sheep,” he called them. And the Evil Emperor knew of their Power. He knew the Black Sheep were immune to the Virus… and that their Power was not as easily farmable as others. 

So he formed rules that made it impossible for the Black Sheep to find shelter. The Emperor turned his Obedient Followers against the Black Sheep. And slowly, over ten years or twenty… sometimes 30 years… The Black Sheep were cast out. 

Into the Wilderness of Nothing where the winds and the sands cut into the Unwanted, the Neglected, the Black Sheep… they wandered. And I… I lived there in the Wilderness of Nothing. 

One day, I looked back at the great walls of the Emperor’s City of Poison. Across the planes, I could see other Black Sheep, wandering, alone, and unwanted. Broken by the System that did not want us. And I said, “FUCK IT!” And I stood and I planted a flag into the dry earth and I said, “I will build a Garden here in the Wilderness of Nothing! And I will erect a Beacon! A lighthouse! So grand and so tall and so bright that All who wander the Wilderness of Nothing as Black Sheep will see my Light and they will come to me! 

And I will WANT THEM! I will accept them! I will love them. For no one loved me. And I know too well what that is like. To know and Feel love and to live among the Loveless… To crave acceptance and love and to be only met with the Emperor’s Poison… Well… I want them. And I will give respite to any and all who want it, need it, seek it. 

And so I built. I built for two years. I took everything I ever learned in all of my 40+ years and I built a Garden. The Healing Garden. And in the center of that Garden I built a Lighthouse that I call Alexandria for she too once gave me all of the light of the World. And I lit that beacon. And I filled the Garden and my Alexandria Lighthouse with all the tools I used to escape the Emperor’s Kingdom of Lies. 

And then I built a ship and I set sail. Looking for Black Sheep who feel broken and worn down. 

I climb down from my ship and I approach the Black Sheep wandering with a ladle of water. “I don’t see a Black Sheep,” I tell you. “I see an Ethical Leader who couldn’t fit in the Emperor’s Kingdom of Lies.” Come to my Garden and there, I will give you Home, I will give you Respite, I will give you Sanctuary and welcomed love. I will show you all that I have learned so that you too may know love too.

It is in Vulnerability, Truth, Honest, Naked Transparency, and then… it is in the Acceptance despite… Because of The Honest, Naked, Vulnerable Truth. 

I See you. And I know you. You are an Ethical Leader just like me.

I was a Philosophical Bard and a Goddess and a Nymph, I was the embodiment of Story who was not allowed to sing and play and dance within the Emperor’s Kingdom of Lies. And you are something too. You have a story also. 

And so… I pass you my ladle of water. I take you by the hand and I invite you to my ship that will carry you back to my Realm, Alexandria, which is surrounded by The Healing Garden. 

Everything is going to be alright. 

It is going to be okay.

It’s over now. The Healing can begin.