Getting Started

 The Philosopher, The Warrior, The Cultivator, or The Pilgrim.

The Philosopher is one who seeks answers and Truth. They follow the Journey to know The Self and to Master the Discipline of The Abstract. The are a Life Long Learner and student.

The Warrior is the one who has seen Trauma and who wishes to heal. Their Journey is to seek Relief and Function. In many cases, they change and their Journey is about Knowing The Self and seeking Happiness.

The Cultivator wishes to become a better Teacher, a better Parent, a better Healer, a better Entrepreneur. They pursue The Journey to become the best of themselves for others.

The Pilgrim seeks The Self. The Pilgrim seeks The Point for the sake of The Point. No other reason is required.

However way you choose to walk this Path, it is still the Journey of Self Discovery to arrive at The Point where all things become Relative. It is the place where all things become Reality and the divide between Metaphor and Literal ends. It is where, in conversation, you will See people as they are in their Perfect Truth. You will be able to see which side of the Point everyone stands on and how far from the Point they stand.

You will be able to see always, both sides of the Point.

What you get from Alexandria, is the Walkthrough, the Guide, the Tools, and me, a Guide who has Mastered The Pilgrim’s Journey.

The Truth is, each of us is all of the things, and at some point of the Journey, you will spend part of the Journey as  The Philosopher, The Warrior, The Cultivator, and The Pilgrim. And you will become The Artist, the Communicator, and The Scientist. And you will become a Foundational, Cultivator, Visionary, and Pioneer.

The Journey is a becoming all of the things. And Integrating All into you. Resistance pauses your Journey.

Piece of advice, when you hit a bad spot, that is not the place to resist your growth. Resisting your growth in a bad place worsens the bad and keeps you there for as long as you resist.

That is the point where you need to push through the most so you can leave the bad part faster.

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