Love Is The Reason

Everything reads different at the Point of Comprehension. Translations that were mis-translated are corrected. Lies become red threads of pain that stand out in every life. Subconscious Minds are like “Equalizers,” with 12 different settings that obstruct the Tru Frequency and that cause us pain and suffering. Confusion melts away as Logic, Love, and Truth become so clear, like crystal, cool water.

And this… this is one of my favorite songs that I grew up with. Only now, I hear a different translation…

Love is the reason that we live our lives.

Love is the reason that we suffer and cry.

To a world that was lost, we gave all we could give.

To find us the reason to live.

All are Forgiven.

Just make the Journey.

Here is how.

It’s over now.

The End of Pain and Suffering.

This is the beginning of the end and everything is going to be okay now. All have suffered. All have been punished.

Everything is going to be okay.

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