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The Healing Garden, Alexandria, and PANDO are the Three Pillars of The Radical Global Healing Plan and The Engine.

Our Vision is vast and our Mission is aggressive. we require Strategic Deliberation in our execution with sharp focus. We are in the business of Nurturing our Society from the Ground up and we have a long way to go.

We are asking for any and all monetary donations to facilitate our Journey, Cause, and Mission.

Your contribution will:

  • Upgrade our Websites and Servers
  • Clean up our Tech
  • Pay for Rent, Lights, Phones, Internet Providers, and general operations
  • Fund our Franchise Development until we can attract Patrons
  • Cover Legal Expenses
  • Pay for the Patents we have pending
  • Cover Marketing and Advertising expenses
  • Increase the Quality of our Message and Services
  • Make our Program more user friendly for those who need it most
  • Pay for PR and boost our Visibility
  • Allow the people who need us most to find us

PANDO and The Healing Garden is a Non-Profit that is 100% Self-Sustained by Anna’s Playground and Anna’s Services provided at (which are available here). Until we can get Anna’s Playground up and running, we are at the mercy of generous donations and Angel Funders.

Any gift, big or small, is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and may the kindest of words always find you.


Please send Donations to Venmo – @annaimaginationNYC

If you wish to become an Angel Funder, I invite you to walk the Garden with me.

Those who contribute to The Round Table, receive a seat at The Healing Garden’s Think Tank where we make the decisions and plans to nurture and build The Healing Engine. This is our way of extending our deepest gratitude and reciprocating your generosity with our Time, Full Attention, and Support. If you wish to contribute as “A Knight of The Round Table,” contact Anna on LinkedIn or Facebook

Thank you.

And may the kindest of words always find you.

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