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The Healing Garden only brings you the best. If I cannot do it for you, then I provide to you those who can and/or who can do it better than me. We vet for Quality and Standards to ensure your Psychological and Ethical Safety first and Foremost while bringing you the best of the best in Business. – Anna Imagination

Mythic Matt : Coming Soon…

Re-awakening your Creativity and Imagination through Art and Story.

Dawn’s Yoga and Wellness

Dawn has been practicing yoga for 17 years and teaching for 4 years. She is certified in Yin Yoga and Somatic Flexibility Technique from Sadie Nardini and her Master Trainer, Karin; Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga Yin Yoga and Adaptive Yoga from My Vinyasa Practice and LifePower Yoga through Lifetime Fitness.

All her life, Dawn struggled with managing her stress and intense emotions. After she incorporated the breathing, meditation, movement and lifestyle techniques that her yoga practice and studies gave her, Dawn’s overall quality of life changed for the better. She was less likely to snap at her family and began to notice when situations started to stress her out.

Dawn’s courses and private classes incorporate all aspects of Yoga Philosophy, history and movement that she has studied and practiced. Dawn’s mission is to provide Patrons with a safe place to explore and practice the yoga tools that you can use to enhance their quality of life.

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Gravity : The Voice of The Healing Garden : Coming Soon…

Lost on Words? Can’t find your Voice? Sink into Gravity’s Voice until you can find your own. Because words help us find who we are.

Janis with Ethical Marketing : Coming Soon…

For the Ethical Leader who requires the Ethical Marketing tactics that adhere their own Ethical Law.

Anna Epifani : Coming Soon…

A Special Project is on the way

If you wish to be added to The Forum and Market, you must meet Anna’s Ethical standards and pass our Vetting process. The 12 Ethics are Law here.

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