The Think Tank

The Healing Garden Think Tank is very different from other Think Tanks. We provide Training in Problem Solving so that members of our Think Tank can apply Strategic Mathematical Problem Solving to the matters at hand.

Data and ideas are gathered prior to discussions so Discussions can focus on the Order of Operations and Ideas to Execute and Solve the problems.

We move forward, presenting out proposal then to The Round Table where they vote on which Humanitarian Solution should be resolved first.

Members of the Think Tank are Philosophers and Triadic Healing Alumni who are dedicated to the nourishment of the planet.

Items on the Agenda:

  • Domestic Violence Rescue, Recovery, and Rehabilitation
  • Homelessness Rescue, Recovery, and Rehabilitation
  • Adjusting the “Correction” Institutions

Subjects we are currently addressing: Stage #1 (Initial Launch and Growth)

  • The Mental Health Reformation
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Education
  • Power Economics
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Community and Communication
  • Education and Learning

The Healing Garden Think Tank is available only to PANDO Members

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