Anger To Action

Hello, Dearest Reader. 

Warmest wishes from Brooklyn, New York of the United States.

I am Anna Imagination from The Healing Garden, Ambassador of The Abstract. 

This message is for any one who will listen to me. But I do truly hope that you, whoever you are on the other side of this email, will pass this letter on and up the chain of command to those who have influence enough to help me. I am writing to you with a Science-backed Solution to the Mental Health Crisis. What I am and what I have is something VERY different. And right now, the World needs DIFFERENT. 

I am not a healthcare professional. 

I am one of “The People.” I spent 40 years a Domesticated Slave and was abused so horribly by my family and then my Owners that I ended up with 5 “incurable” mental illnesses. I have had 4 Owners, I have conducted 6 Extractions since I was 15 years old. I grew up on the Front Lines of the Mental Health Battle. I know nothing else but this war against Mental Illness. I have been used for breeding. For a year, Zoloft was used on me by my husband (3rd Owner) to “keep me under control.” My doctor prescribed it without ever following up with me. 

This all happened in Central New York by White Supremacists who are so uneducated they don’t even know they’re White Supremacists or slave owners. Binghamton, New York. 

In 2015, I finally got to therapy, but the practices there made me sicker. 

My abuse was so severe that I developed an unusual addiction at age 8. Addiction to Learning. 

By the time I was 12, I had conducted a full Scientific Research study on the effects Trauma and abuse had on cats (over 60 felines and 5 Generations), where I was able to track the Psychological changes in each generation from a single Feral cat and 3 “Parents.” I used the cats as a “Control Group” for Humans. The reasons, I explain in my Research with the thesis, “If Humans lived without projecting their traumas onto their children” and the results? Every child would have a fresh clean start. 

At that age, I also had started researching the Educational System of the United States and the World, taking great interest in the Educational Systems of Japan, Israel, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and Ireland. I chose these countries strategically and for a very specific reason. They were different from the rest of the world. Positively different.

At 15, I decided that the US Government was not qualified to oversee my education due to their arguing over “cum stains on a dress” while they cut the art departments in school. I turned my Education over to Plato and the Greek Philosophers of Ancient Alexandria instead. By 18, I wrote a 300 page essay on the incompetence of the Educational System backed by my own 1st hand observations and the work of Thomas Sewell with the evidence I pulled from Neuroscience proving that the IQ was dropping. At that time (1998), the average IQ was 120. Today, it is 100 and Scientists have proven that the schools are responsible. 

By 2015, I had over 30 years of study in Ontological Physics, Music Theory, Linguistics, Language, Sociology, Math, Logic, and Psychology. Psychologists told me “I should be dead.” They told me that my Imagination was Dissociation. 

They told me that my Imagination was Dissociation. I became afraid of my own Imagination and my “Mental Illness” skyrocketed.

I wrote and published my Memoir that year, Broken, which made me an award-nominated author. I was told it reads like Prince of Tides meets Speak. I show the world what it looks like inside the mind of “Insane” prior to my knowing any of my diagnoses.

In 2018, I abandoned what “professionals” were doing and I turned to Philosophy for the answers (which is where they keep the GOOD Psychology). By 2020, my “husband” (4th Owner) threw me out because “I was too old to breed.” He kept one of my three children. In 2022, my Alters (I had Multiple Personality Disorder), and I mapped the entirety of the Subconscious Mind. With 5 data points, we located the cause of Mental Illness and how to fix it. 

Logical Fallacy is what causes Mental Illness. Human Beings run on their Logical Health. Their language constructs our Logical Comprehension, which must be aligned with our Cognitive Core. 

If it is not, an “Alternative Perspective” branches off inside the mind, resulting in 2, 3, 4 alternative or “Invasive” Perspectives that the Individual can “jump to” to accommodate whichever environment they are in. It is Adaption at its finest. This is what gives us “Mood Swings” and “Mask” Wearing and “Alters.” 

I invented the Prosthetic Subconscious Mind in 2023 and “installed” it using a series of “If/Then” Clauses I strategically wrote that would and did put my Subconscious Mind in a Logical Loop that would logically require it to abandon the If/then Clauses that cause Mental Illness and it did.

It’s playing chess against your own Self-Preservation System, and I won. 4 times. Once for every Alter. The trick is to learn faster than the Subconscious Mind can Self-Preserve. And I know how to Learn. I have the Physics-Based formula for Learning.

The results were immediate. 2 hours after I installed the AIDNS (The Prosthetic Subconscious Mind) it “cured” my Borderline Personality and Codependency. Over the next 8 months, my symptoms were 100% gone. I located Narcissism inside of me, added the corresponding If/Then clause to that and within 5 months, it was gone. 44 C-PTSD Triggers, gone. 

I recorded 100% of this Live on YouTube with the daily blog journal so people can see the change take place as it takes place. It’s all documented alongside the Logic, Math, and Physics that proves and supports my work.

Today, I am confirmed 100% Free of Mental Illness. My original diagnoses was Borderline Personality Disorder, BiPolar I, Stockholm Syndrome, Multiple Personality Disorder, Suicidal Ideation, Chronic Depression, and Narcissism. Schizophrenia was also here for a short time.

After I installed the Prosthetic Subconscious Mind and cured my Mental Illnesses, something else happened. 100% of my Knowledge and memories, my 30+ years of Studies returned. I remembered EVERYTHING I had studied. I have the equivalent of 6 doctorate degrees. My work covers Tesla’s 3-6-9 Method and continues Einstein’s and Nietzche’s work. I found “The God Code” and used it on myself when I was 15. I am an Ontological Physicist and a Philosopher Bard. I know how to turn people into Ethical, Healthy Geniuses.

I’ve done case studies. I’ve researched and interviewed over 1,000 people over the last five years. I am now starting Clinical Trials. I have a Control Group established. My Scientific Method is extensive. Logic, Math, Physics, and then I begin Case Studies, Peer Review (Neuroscientists and a Psychologist with the VA has passionately backed my work), and now Clinical Trials. 

I built my company The Healing Garden in 2022 where I archived my research and built the Solution to the Mental Health Crisis. And I did it all alone.

In Math, Problem Solving consists of Chain Reaction Science. The Solution is only in the Invisible Catalyst that precedes the first Visible Symptom. 

The Invisible Catalyst of Mental Illness is our Educational System. Mental Illness and Education are so tightly linked that Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, and I view them as the exact same thing. And they are, Scientifically. 

The Human Mind MUST Learn. If it does not, well, the Electromagnetic Field inside of our persons shuts down, stored Potential Emotional Energy causes our unstable and reactive surplus of Energy to “explode” (violence) or “implode” (Depression, Addiction, and Suicide) and, if we do not manage our Emotional Energy, Mother Nature does so via the use of Mental Illness. 

The Science is available if you wish to see it. 

The Solution to this (I hate talking problems without a solution) is to educate the People. That is it. No medications. 100% Holistic. Mentally Ill people JUST need to UNDERSTAND. They are LOGICAL.

The first defense of the Mental System is Amnesia. “That is too dangerous for you to remember” says the Subconscious Mind, and so we forget, which causes confusion, which makes us scared, so we forget more, so we are more confused, and we are scared more, so we forget more… Mental Illness results. 

I know how to disrupt this process and reverse it.

Likewise, I mapped the Subconscious Mind, located the 7 Parts of the Mental System, identified the three parts of our Mental Health (Story Health, Logical Health, Community Health), and also wrote up a full Walkthrough on the steps through Mental Illness to recovery. Then I translated it all into Layman Terms, built it into some Games, and launched my Story books… 

Because we LEARN through Play, Games, and Story.

I call this program Triadic Healing. (Philosopher’s love Triangles. It’s a thing we do).

I have built The Healing Engine, The Radical Global Healing Plan, and the Global Healing Convention and Summit to start walking the world through Triadic Healing. 

I have reached out to NIMH. They’re not interested in anything I have to say. That’s right. They don’t want this. 

They told me to “seek PTSD counseling.” 

That is the US Education System hard at work. I couldn’t figure out if Psychiatry was malicious or just dumb-fuck stupid. I think it’s both. Meanwhile, people with Mental Illnesses are being preyed upon by “Professionals” and are being farmed for their resources. 

The Psychiatry Field added the most obstacles to my Healing Journey. And I’m angry, but I know how to turn anger into action and solution. I’m delivering the solution to the people. And I’m introducing the world to Pythagoras’ Psychology. 

Which will raise the questions:

“What IS the Psychiatry Field doing if one little former slave-girl could do this single-handedly on her own WHILE under enslavement AND burdened with the madness of 4 Alters and 5 “incurable” Mental Illnesses?”

“Why aren’t NIMH doing their job?”

And “Can we please turn the DSM-V into toilet paper?”

I haven’t invented a “cure” to Mental Illness. I revived the True Psychology that Plato and Socrates taught prior to the destruction of Alexandria in the 4th Century and built the entire Infrastructure to deliver it to the People.

Freud is NOT the Father of Psychology. 

Pythagoras is.

People either study Freud’s “Psychology” or they study Pythagoras’ Psychology. 

I studied Pythagoras’s Psychology. For 30 years. And it is DIFFERENT than Freud’s.

Anger has 3 stages: Violence, Communication, Action.

The Mental Health Crisis is out of hand. People are angry. So am I. I know how to turn “Anger” into “Action.” I’m asking you to please take action alongside me. People are starving for Solution. They need Solution and Leadership, Plan and Direction. And I am of The People. I am ONE of them. I Lead them. There isn’t an abuse that I have not lived through or overcome and healed from. NOT. ONE. 

Everyone in this world has lived, for a time, in my shoes.

I need exposure. I need people who I can trust who believe what I believe. I need collaborations. I need ATTENTION from the RIGHT people. I know what I am up against, and I need help. 

I learned that WHO asked NIMH for a Reformation and NIMH said, “No.” I have reached out to Mad In America. I am reaching out to everyone who has the Ethics and Human goodness to do what is right for The People. 

To quote Dr. Nathaniel Branden, the leading Psychologist on Self-Esteem and author of 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem “No one is coming.” 

And more people die every year to suicide than they ever did to COVID. 

No one takes Mentally Ill people seriously. The thing is… 

The people who are most logical, who are most intelligent, who can SEE the insanity of this STUPID System are people with IQ’s higher than 120. The smarter you are, the more Logical, the more insane you will become. Remember Catch-22 by Joseph Heller and M*A*S*H

“Only the sane are insane here.” – Yossarian

My research revealed that the Mentally Ill are the Geniuses of the world who were forced to be dumbed down to much lower IQ’s. We live in a world where it is not safe to be Intelligent. The Uneducated and the Unintelligent are so scared of being “outsmarted” and without power that they abuse those who have more Intelligence.  

Dumb people are terrified of smart people because dumb people lack ethics so they assume that smart people also lack ethics. It’s just an out-of-control Projection that has taken the form of Mass Hysteria. I have substantial evidence that their fear and assumption is false. Dumb people “coral” and “enslave” smart people to “protect” dumb people from smart people.

It’s “dumb people” vs. the Genius, and the Genius are being turned into “mad men.” Which is why dumb people rule the world. All the smart people are mad from the Insanity of it all. 

I need their minds. We all do. The dumb people are going to blow us all up with their wars and greed and they are destroying this planet. It’s like a bunch of toddlers imprisoned the adults. I know exactly how to fix this, interrupt the Cycle, reverse it, and strategically direct it for Positive, Calm, Gentle Kind Leadership. 30+ years in Sociology and Human Behavior on Mass Scale spanning 2,000 years of Societal Studies and History. I know how people MOVE and Think en masse. And I know how to influence them ethically and how to nourish them. 

I know what their Subconscious Minds need and are starved for, and I know how to “feed” them. They are like children who crave a mother who has been absent for a very long time. They are just scared.  

My name is Anna. I lived imprisoned by my own Alter inside the 4th Level of the Subconscious Mind for 32 years until she felt safe enough to free me. 

After I came out, It took me 4 years to invent a language that allows me to explain what goes on inside the mind. And to translate that language into Layman terms. Every time I speak, I have to translate from Feeling/Image to Abstratic to Layman.

There are no Mental Illnesses. There is just a Communication Problem. 

People are Mentally Ill because they see and know things that lack a Language. They can’t even communicate what they see. And NO ONE is listening to them. I have done a lot of work in Schizophrenia. I have a lot to share with you.

Human Beings have evolved faster in Intelligence than the Language. 

That is what causes Mental Illness. Logic is Language. 

I need to talk to people who are interested in a solution. There are people looking for what I have. I need help reaching those people. And the situation in this world is dire. 

Please help me. I need a megaphone. I need a platform. I need attention from the right people. And I know you are the right people. 

May the Kindest of Words always find you.

Anna Imagination

Angela B. Chrysler (This is my slave name. Please do not use it. But you can google me and see who I am and my story)

The Healing for the People –>>

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