“Does Talking About A Problem Nurture the Problem or Solve It?”

“To thine own self true.” – Shakespeare

Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Blunt. – Anna Imagination

Liars, Wolves, and Sharks use Fluff (sugar) and Niceties (honey) to Deceive. My people are the People who have been abused so deeply with Sugar and Honey that they don’t know who to believe.

I realized being Brave, Bold, and Blunt with Logic, The Cold Hard Bitch of Truth, is the stripping away of all masks with the sugar and honey to say, “I don’t come to you with sugar and honey because that can be used to hide masks and lies. But when you stand on Truth, The Truth stands on its own Feet. Sugar and honey masks lies.

Formula for Productive Discussion

Exploratory Dialogue + Logic +> The Point of Comprehension +> Plan Application and with strategic Positive Deliberation

Endless discussion occurs when the individual does not have the skills to arrive at the Point of Comprehension and/or they don’t know that they are in search of The Point of Comprehension.

Logic The Cold Hard Bitch of Truth.

Formal +> Formula

Shakespeare lived in the Material Plane. To people living in the Material Plane, Shakespeare’s words were Literal.

Christ lived in the Abstract Plane. To people living in the Material Plane, Christ’s words were Metaphorical.

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