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Oh, we are going to talk about Unity. Let’s color it “Radical Collaboration.”

I have attended an insane number of Think Tanks over the last 2 years for a “Resolution on The Mental Health Crisis.”

I attended to share my solution, which no one knew what to do with.

I attended to receive the ideas of others, which no one had.

I attended to analyze a different problem: Why no one was putting talk into action. That is when I realized that the Problem Solving Skills of the majority are so poor that people do not know how to put talk into action on a mass scale. And those who do, have no plan to reach the core Problem.

The problem with the Mental Health Crisis is The Education. The People need to know about their Subconscious Mind. The People need to know how to Learn and how to teach themselves. We need to be teaching each other how to learn and how to teach. And how to transfer information from Point A to Point B smoothly, simply, and effectively.

I call this a gap in our Communication System due to a missing Conduit: The Cultivator.

Cultivators are people who know how to put talk into action. They know how to steer, direct, move, and motivate people En Masse. They know how to lead. To start, the people have to be told where we are going.

And where I am going is The Other Side of The Mental Health Reformation where the people value Relevant and High Quality Education to get the job done. Where people value and understand the True Power of Network. They have all the tools they need, like a “Prosperity Pack” to set out on life and to get the job done, and we prepare them.

Because I’ve got The Narcissist Cure and Triadic Healing. I’ve got an understanding of how to build, cure, heal societies grand scale.

I’ve got Pythagorean Psychology all condensed into a step-by-step Walkthrough to teach to people en masse, DIY Healing and DIY Teaching, which self-empowers and cures the core problem, Their Self-Authority, Autonomy, and Power of Choice. It gives them their Consent to Connect back to them. I’ve got the Prosthetic Subconscious Mind and the User’s Manual.

I’ve got a University to welcome people, get them their “Prosperity Pack,” and then elevate them so we can expand and build more, and then help the next level of people. I’ve got the plan for that too.

And I’ve got the Logic, the Math, and the Physics to prove it all. I have Power Economics and the know-how to start teaching People how to Help Themselves. And I’ve got the know-how to turn People into Cultivators, if they want that. I know how to build Dreams into Reality.

It starts with an Idea.

It starts with Dream.

It starts with a NETWORK.

It stars with a Leader who can motivate that Network to say, “Alright! Let’s Pool our resources together and let’s do this! Inventory Time! What have you got? Because I’ve got a Prosperity Pack, a Radical Global Healing Plan and a Healing Engine. It’s hooked up, purring, and it’s going.

I call this Operation : Save The World… and hopefully… then… maybe… Operation : World Peace?

But this all starts with others stepping forward to say, “Your Dream is My Dream. Let’s Collaborate. This is what I’ve got… This is what I can do for The Dream…”

Do we have the same Dream?


Radical Collaboration.


“That the only abuse you really ever suffered was just losing your Authority and Doubting your own Self-Authority to begin with. And at the end of the day, you fell into The Abuser’s Delusion. And it ends, it all ends when you break the Delusion holding you, and you free yourself. It ends when you decide to claim your Authority.” – Anna Imagination

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