Psychological Terrorism: What Christianity, Evangelists, Hitler, And Trump All Have in Common

Psychological Terrorism is a known Psychological tactic that is used by Christianity, Evangelists, and Trump and was used by Hitler.

The Formula is

Fear +> Despair +> Hope +> Promise To Save

And here is how it works.

Start with a Horror Story laden with graphic detail. It MUST be told in Story form. It MUST start with depicting horrific situations in detail.

Rape, torture, abuse, trauma, Psychological Terror. A Crucifixion or graphic depiction of rape.

This sends a rush of Fear and panic into the audience.

Next, paint a picture of Despair and Hopelessness.

Eternal Damnation often suffices.

The mind races, seeking a solution. This is vital to the success of Psychological Terrorism. Then step in with “THE ONLY SOLUTION,” is, in most cases, that “YOU WILL BE SAVED” if you follow the directions, wants, wishes of The Speaker.

BOOM… Audience members pray for forgiveness and conversion rates go up.

BOOM… Audience members immediately sign a petition, promising their vote.

BOOM… Audience members immediately join Hitler’s Youth and the Nazi regime.

And this is how they do it. Psychological Terrorism. It is a strategic, planned Psychological Weapon of War, and has been used since around the 4th Century CE by the Holy Roman Christian Empire.

The Power of Public Speaking, Communication, Story Telling, Theater and Stage, and Psychology hold a powerful agent for manipulation.

And the cure and prevention of Psychological Terrorism?

Your Education, Knowledge, and Awareness of this.

I had this used on me twice before I was 10 years old. There is a document available detailing how this is done in depth.

Psychologists are well aware of this.

This is common knowledge among manipulators, abusers, and deceivers. And the more you know about it, the more you can protect yourself and your children from it.

It’s fucking disgusting and is unethical as fuck.

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