The Invisible War of Cruel Psychological Warfare Waged Exclusively on the Citizens

Much of my research was extraordinary. Much of it was enlightening. But when I started to notices patterns, another story emerged. One, above all others, that made my stomach sick.

The Invisible War. Psychological Warfare.

Once upon a time there was a Family of Rulers who were overthrown by its people. The Family of Rulers loved their power and wanted to make sure that it would never happen again. So the Family of Rulers created a plan to control its people to guarantee and ensure more power… the most power. And also, to ensure the people would never rebel again.

But Power is earned. And the Family of Rulers were impatient, greedy, unethical, but they had a plan.

They had obtained a Powerful, Secret Knowledge and they knew how to use this Knowledge to control the people.

So the Family of Rulers destroyed the Universities. They rent the Scholars to hide the Knowledge and hoard it all to themselves. They called anyone who showed signs of Wise or Intelligent as “Insane” and they cast a rumor that “The Genius are Mad.” This would ensure that no one would believe them should they discover the Secret Knowledge for themselves.

And then, the Family of Rulers, for 60 years, behind closed doors, built a Story carefully crafted to use in their Psychological War.

And they passed a law that all had to learn so all would know their one doctored Story.

One hundred years later, 3 Generations later, all Education and Knowledge was lost. Hoarded away by the Family of Rulers. Only the “Rich” and “Powerful,” only the Family of Rulers were permitted Knowledge.

The Family of Rulers selected people of power and the only “Knowledge” they allowed the people to learn was through them. In fact, they mandated it. Saying that the people HAD to learn their Doctored Story.

But there was one place to the far North that still had Universities. And after the Family of Rulers had passed their Story Law, they sent a man to the North to destroy those Universities. But that man knew their plan and valued the preservation of all Knowledge.

That man did not destroy the Knowledge, but preserved it and hid his deed from the Family of Rulers. Time passed.

The Family of Rulers decided to bring back some Knowledge, but not all. They formed their own school, which they built, careful to omit One Primary Subject: The Logic and Study of Story.

400 years later, another man who was permitted to learn came to learn of the Secret Knowledge of the Family of Rulers. And he single-handedly rose up to expose them. There was a schism. A war was fought, and the man killed. The people divided, but the “message” lost.

It was nearly 1,200 years before the Family of Rulers, Kings now, had come to learn that those in the North still had their University. So they went in and destroyed them.

And the last Story Teller was lost.

Kingdoms merged. Lands were found. Wars waged for power. And the knowledge of the Family of Rulers and their Secret Knowledge was passed on to a new kingdom.

Every tactic repeated. The plan, just as before, implemented, designed to hide the fact that the people were being enslaved through poverty and ignorance.

Because the last war taught the Family of Rulers an additional lesson beside the first two:

1 – Make the people think they are free.

2 – Don’t let the people have money or resources

3 – Don’t let the people have the knowledge to figure out that they are slaves and that they do have resources they can use

And so every one was unhappy because they weren’t free, but they didn’t know it. And every one was uneducated so much that they didn’t even know they were slaves with the wealth and resources to free themselves.

But what the Family of Rulers didn’t know was that “Nature will find a way.” And some people did study in secret. Some people did become so educated that they found something.

Back, when the Family of Rulers first built the Doctored Story and passed their Story Law, they had no idea that clues were left behind in their Doctored Story.

And only the most educated noticed the clues and became curious. The Educated studied the clues and, soon, they realized that they had found something. But they didn’t know what.

And they couldn’t tell others because the Family of Rulers were very powerful and strong. So the Educated “played the Story Game.” They used books, invention, play, and story to hide their clues and pass their clues onto others.

And the next Educated person found the clues, and they expanded and built on The Story Game.

Together, over 2,000 years, more than 1,000 Educated persons passed down their solutions in The Story Game. Through the Stories both fiction and non, the collections of clues were handed down from Secret Educated Detective to Secret Educated Detective until, at long last, someone could read all of the clues and solve the Story Game.

And upon the Story Game Solution, the Secret Knowledge that the Family of Rulers hoarded, became known to one other. And the Truth, at last, was known.

And with that Secret Knowledge, it became very apparent exactly what the Family of Rulers had done, were doing, and also how to fix it.

I put pen to paper and wrote “What is the one question asked in every question?”

The answer to that riddle is found in every story, in every book, in every subject. Answer that question, and you can break the Story Code.

Then, a riddle will appear. A “follow up” question to the Ultimate Question.

Solve that question, and you will have the Answer.

The Answer will show you The Truth. And all at once, you will have the First Logical Thread to the First Story.

And then you will see every single lie every told. You will see every single distortion. You will see what The Family of Rulers did.

They removed 2 Stories from all of our history, and they altered the other 10. And you will see what those 2 Stories are and how much those 2 stories will fix everything. And also how to correct the 10 that were altered.

But you have to Solve The Game to find out.

You will need certain skills and tools.

Lightworkers receive the skills, training, and tools via membership.

All others can access the answers through The Healing Garden Franchise, their School District, and their Employer.

No. I cannot just give you the answer. That is how the Family of Rulers did it and, because they lacked the mandatory Ethics that coincide with the Knowledge… Look at what they did with it.

This Knowledge has to be earned.

The Family of Rulers were the Roman Empires, the Monarch, and the Papacy. They man who figured it out and saved the land in the North was St. Patrick in Ireland.

The last story teller was the last Bard in Ireland.

The man who figured it out and tried to tell the people who missed the message was Martin Luther.

And you are the people who are enslaved and don’t even know it because the US Government was very much modeled in exact likeness to The Roman Empire.

The Doctored Story was Christianity and The Holy Roman Empire.

The University destroyed was Alexandria. Destroyed the same year that Nice Christianity was announced and the “Law” passed that all people had to be Christian.

And the “Secret Knowledge” is The God Code. Also called “The Story Code” and is the Solution to Tesla’s 3-6-9 Method.

It is pure Logic that allows the Scholar to see all Truth because it is “The First Logic.”

If you pursue this knowledge for power, you will never obtain it.

If you pursue this knowledge for ethics, you can obtain it.

If you pursee this knowledge for power, but lie to yourself that you seek the ethics, you will never obtain it.

This knowledge cures Mental Illness, ends misery and suffering, and is ultimate power. And it is only unlocked for the genuine ethical who seek to change themselves and never anyone else.

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