Welcome To Triadic Healing: The Healing Formula

Please be patient with us… We are building you a Walkthrough to get your into the Healing/Learning Mindset.

Please check back with us over the next few days while we lay down the Stepping Stones for your journey.

Welcome to The Healing Garden

Welcome to Triadic Healing! This is the Introduction to Triadic Healing Walkthrough that kickstarts Triadic Healing and your Healing Journey by welcoming you into the Mindset. We introduce you to key concepts, give you assignments, and get you on your way.

The purpose of this Walkthrough is to get you to think. To ignite your awareness. To shine a spotlight on key points that awaken your Mind. And point a vast “Lens” onto the subjects that needle away in the back of your mind.

Think of this as Dorothy in Munchkin Land, placing her red slippered heel right at the heart of the spiral the moment she first says, “Follow the yellow brick road.”

How fitting that she begins at the heart of a spiral and the Fibonacci Sequence.

The Introduction Walkthrough provides you with an applicable working “sample” of Triadic Healing. At the end of the Introduction Walkthrough, you can continue practicing what you’ve learned and apply it to your day-to-day. Or you can take advantage of the multiple options that will be presented to you at the end of the sample. One of which is for you to continue the Walkthrough in Triadic Healing Part #1.

One thing I want to say before you begin: most of this material is easy and simple, but that does not mean it is “light” reading. Some of this material sheds so much light onto a situation that many people report feeling emotionally rattled and often experience a “break down” as the weight of their reality sets in.

We give you the tools to prepare for this, but also, please use discretion. If you are at work, reading and browsing… if you are in a public place that does not allow your vulnerability, consider bookmarking this and coming back to it later.

Be mindfulness of “Slush Brain.” Be mindful of your fatigue while reading this. Be mindful of how “heavy” some of this stuff is. Pace yourself. Read it in chunks if you need to. If you binge it, then go back through and read it again. Read it as many times as you need to. Print it out.

We have a PDF Print out available for your convenience and we encourage you to print this, share it with others who you think may need it, and highlight it as you need. This Introduction Walkthrough is designed to help you adjust your Perspective Scope to the right Healing Frequency.

The PDF Link will be available soon.

Formula Living vs. Trial and Error Living

There are two key factors to Learning, Healing, and Growth:

Ingredients and in the Right Order. These are the two components that make up a Formula. Do this, learn this, know this, and you can do ANYTHING. Triadic Healing walks you through the steps of how to do this.

We have a Formula for that. We have a Formula for everything.

100% of Triadic Healing is Formula building and Execution.

I give you a Formula, I explain the theory behind the Formula, and you practice execution in the Right Order of Operations. Practice it until it’s your Instinct. This is Learning. Practice it until until it’s your Mastery. This is Training. Practice it until you become it. This is Becoming.

Trial and Error is what uneducated people do when they don’t know the Formulas. Much like a chef creating new recipes.

Trial and Error is supposed to be used alongside Scientific Method.

Societal People who Trial and Error: Parents, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, and Healers.

Triadic Healing is what you should have learned from your parents.

Triadic Healing is what Parents should be teaching to their children.

Triadic Healing is what Psychologists are trying and failing to figure out.

Triadic Healing is what Teachers should be teaching in schools.

Triadic Healing is what Teachers should have learned how to do in College.

Triadic Healing is what Successful Entrepreneurs have figured out.

If you are a Successful Entrepreneur, you are going to read this and just smile and nod your head. “Yeah! That’s what I do!”

The Introduction Walkthrough To Triadic Healing

Learn the right Order of Operations. It is the KEY to Success.

I am going to give you four words:

Words. Your Mind. Money. Work.

Words have Purpose. We will cover this in a later lesson.

One of these words is a Driver. One is a Connector. One is a vessel. And one is a Generator.

Can you put these in the right order?

Words. Your Mind. Money. Work.

Which of these words cause which words? In other words, which of these words are the Catalyst to the other? Use as many or as few of the words you want.

This is your first assignment. Form a sentence using 2 of these 4 words. Don’t ask yourself, “What does Anna want me to write?” Go inside of you. What sentence would YOU create using 2 of these 4 words? There is no “right” or “wrong” answer.

After you are done, read on.

Word Power

“Words Matter. Words are POWERFUL. Words have a Purpose. Words summon Emotions, Steer Attention, and Zero in your Focus. Only Narcissists truly appreciate the full Power of Words. All they have to do is contradict yours, and you question yours. Now that… that is power. Narcissism ends when the Victims learn that Words have Power.

It was a Narcissist who told you that “Words don’t mean anything.” That way you wouldn’t suspect them. And you believed them. That is the Power of Words. That is what you will be learning here.” – Anna Imagination

This was an exercise to show you a piece of yourself.

Most people say “Work Hard For your Money.

Others say “Make your Money work for you.”

  • If you used the word “Money,” that is your focus.
  • If you used the words “Your Mind,” that is your focus.
  • If you used the word “Word,” that is your focus.
  • If you used the word, “Word,” that is your focus.

You hear “Make your Money work for you.” and so you focus on “How do I make my money work for me?” And you focus on HOW TO MAKE MONEY work… as if you can control money.”

I recently heard, “Pay yourself first,” and my immediate thought was, “Does this mean I go buy a boat? Go on a shopping spree? Pay my bills?” So I looked it up. “Pay yourself first,” actually means, “Invest in yourself first.” Invest. Not pay.

“Pay Yourself First” means “Put money into your Assets first. Words matter.

“We live in a Narcissist World. And the Narcissists control the Words. And they have WEAPONIZED them against us.

You want to heal? Start with Words. Start with everything you thought you knew about Words because that is where the problem is. Learn Words and you Disarm Narcissists.” – Anna Imagination

Which of these 4 things is the most important?

Words. Your Mind. Money. Work.

Now, I am going to give you a new sentence. This sentence correctly represents the Ingredients and the Order of Operations for Success, Healing, Money, and Your Power.

“Make your Mind work for you.”

Just like, “Pay yourself first,” people also like to say, “Make your money work for you.” Entrepreneurs are great with Money. They are often terrible with word usage and teaching. Which is why they often teach the wrong formulas. Which is why their formulas don’t work for others.

Because their words don’t match their actual actions. Because they don’t know their actual actions. They got lucky, found the right “pattern” of action, but their INTUITION guides them, and they can’t speak Intuition to Translate it into words for others.

They are EXCELLENT Entrepreneurs and lousy teachers and word smiths. Almost no one today is a Word Smith. Sherlock Holmes was a Word Smith. Logicians are Word Smiths.

Back to our example: Words. Your Mind. Money. Work.

“Make your Mind work for you.”

One word was used and is not even relevant (Money).

One word is never used and is most important (Words).

Had Entrepreneurs said the RIGHT words, many of us would have focused on PROBLEM SOLVING instead of “How to make money from money.”

Warren Buffett does this. He talks all about how to turn money into more money, but he never talks about how to go from nothing to money. Triadic Healing does.

Money doesn’t “work.” Money is a Vessel. That is its Purpose. Vessels do nothing. Much like cars or boats that just sit there.

YOUR MIND does work. Your Mind is an Engine. Only Engines can work. Money does not. So when you put the Work into an Engine, it moves. Put work into Money and it does nothing. The Vessel (Money) needs an Engine to move.

“Make your MIND work for you” is the correct sentence because your Mind then Focuses on the Engine Word instead of the Vessel word. Vessels are tools. Engines are Power Generators.

Words Steer.

All words Steer and Direct your Focus and Attention.

RAS. It stands for Reticular Articulation System. Google it. The RAS is the part of your Subconscious Mind that Filters EVERYTHING. You feed your RAS a Word, and your Mind uses its RAS to scan for the input you have programmed into your Mind.

PTSD is just a programmed RAS looked for more trauma.

And once you learn how Energy and Words work, you will understand exactly how and why you keep attracting more trauma. Your RAS is looking for it.

Words Matter.

Narcissists have convinced you that they don’t so they can gaslight you without you even knowing it.

Words Steer your RAS.

Back to our Money example:

Had the WORDS “Make your Money work for you” been used properly, that would have saved YOU a lot of TIME.

And TIME is MONEY. So by using the wrong words, they cost you MONEY.

30 years ago, I first heard the words, “Don’t work hard. Work smart.” followed by “Make your money work for you.”

Words STEER our focus. When we hear and think words, we are actually DIRECTING our Focus.

WORDS ARE FORMULAS. Say the wrong words and you get the wrong Formula. Word Science is known and used within all of the Sciences. When you begin a Science, one of the first things teachers have to do is teach you how to unlearn false word Definition. In fact, here we are. Day #1 in Triadic Healing, and I can’t teach you anything until you unlearn how unimportant you think words are.

Because Trauma actually occurred in your Word Comprehension. Because that is how the RAS works.

Words are the most important. Because had Entrepreneurs used the right words in our money example 30 years ago, then I would have focused my attention on the study of HOW to use my MIND to make money, instead of sitting in a catch-22 asking, “How do you make money work?”

So I learned about investing while I was broke and had nothing to invest. I trusted their success, and so I trusted their words. It would take me 30 years to figure out the solution to this Catch-22.

The WORDS and The ORDER of Operations are equally the Most Important. One without the other will not work.

WORDS are the MORE important if you are looking to learn, teach, connect, and change.

A Mind is what works to get money. A Mind is what works to get anything because a Mind is an Engine.


A word can also be a DRIVER. Nouns are Drivers. Drivers Override Steering and Power up the Engine. You cannot “move” a Vessel Word without a Driver.

Most people have two cars hooked up to each other, a Narcissist is the Driver, and there are no Engines between the two of them. I will be breaking these examples down shortly.

a Driver is the CONTROLLER. It is the Actions done. The Choices made. The Resolve Set.

Either YOU are the DRIVER behind your Mind (Engine) or someone else is… or no one is.

Entrepreneurs are DRIVERS of their own Minds. Non-Entrepreneurs have someone ELSE DRIVING. Someone else (Parents and Teachers) used WORDS to DRIVE your MIND when they said, “Go get a job.”

Words STEER your MIND. Drivers can control the Steering.

This knowledge is used by every Narcissist on an Instinctive and Intuitive level. Most have no idea what they or doing or how to do it, they just… “do it” without understanding the Theory.

Word Power

Every word in all languages in all the word for all time can be broken down into 5 categories:

  1. Driver (Controller) (Optional, but highly recommended) This is you. Many people have “given up” this position. Have ignored it. Gifted it to others. Surrendered it. Abandoned it. People who heal are those who have taken it back. People who are successful have mastered it.
  2. Purpose (The Destination) The reason behind the Action. This is the Fuel that gives Momentum. Without this, you drift through life. Without this, you do things, say things for no reason. You sit “stuck” in life, going no where.
  3. Steering (Focus) Navigation (Problem Solving and Solution). 100% pure problem solving and solution. Trial and Error and Learning. This is what most people never learned. This is all logic is. Learn this, and you can do anything, become anything, over come any obstacle. The power is in the problem solving. Steering is what allows you to turn on your Engine and Generator. This is where Triadic Healing starts. These are your Boundaries and Ethics. Your Personal Law.
  4. Engine (The Generator of Power) The Mind, Corporations, Business +> Only Generators can create or produce. Natural (Mother) Engine vs. Idle Engine. Your Mind is a Natural Engine. An Idle Engine requires a Mind behind it. An Idle Engine is also a Vessel. People who are Unaware are Idle Engines. People who start to heal are those who are turning on their engine. Healing is the process of master your entire System.
  5. Power (For Momentum and Velocity) 100% The Emotion and Feeling +> Choice = Energy and/or Idea (Assets) +> Used to Propel Vessels (Obtained only through Self-Regulation and Emotional Discipline, which we will be covering next). Power is Choice. Energy is Emotion. You require both. Power without Energy means your Power will sit inside of you and do nothing. Energy without Power will fizzle out and do nothing. Power + Energy ignites. But… Steering is required or your Power and Energy will go all over the place, without discipline.
  6. Vessels (To carry) Double Vessels are common. Money is both an Idea Vessel and an Energy Vessel. Vessels can be turned into Engines, but only with a Natural Engine behind it. Transports. These are Resources and Commodities. The things you seek. The more Vessels you have, the easier life gets. But fail to use words properly, and your “vessels” go no where. Words are Vessels. The containers that carry ideas to others. Your Mind Generates ideas. The Idea is Power that you put in words to transfer your idea to others who buy your idea with money. Money and the Idea are Vessels that contain Resources. But without the Vessels, the resources cannot be exchanged. The vessels always require Power to move along the circuit. The Circuit is part of an Engine.
  7. Mechanical Component (In a Sentence, these are all the grammatical words (the Art) that smooths out comprehension via detail and precision). Imagine that a single word is a Vessel. I can’t walk up to you and shout “TRIADIC HEALING!” You’ll look at me weird. You won’t understand me. But if I say, “Hey! I have an idea. Triadic Healing can heal people. Are you interested?” Now… the Vessel went from a floating log to a galleon. If your Mechanical Knowledge is poor, your Communication will suffer, and any ideas in your head will fail to transfer from Point A (Your Mind) to Point B

If you have any Economics knowledge, you may have thought, “This is just Economics.” Yup! I call it Power Economics. And I cover this in Triadic Healing in my Entrepreneur Course. However, you can’t just jump into Power Economics. That is the flaw of most Entrepreneurs. They put the cart before the horse.

What did I say? Order of Operations. If you want to build a Corporation or a Business, you first need to build an Engine. You can’t build an Idle Engine unless and until your Natural Engine is up, on, and operating.

Most people who take on the Entrepreneur life don’t even have their Natural Engine turned on.

The Real Power of Words

The words you are reading were selected in the right order to deliver to you the precise quantity of information with the correct ratio of Energy… and every bit of this was done strategically and on purpose using a Formula.

This is the true reward of Mastering the Power of Word. This is what being a Master Word Smith is all about. This is true Teaching.

All words are Vessels. They carry an Energy inside of them. Emotional Energy. That Energy is Power. This is what your Emotions are for. And when you know the Order of Operations, an entire sentence can be used to direct, steer, and control yourself and (if you lack the Ethics) others.

Narcissists and Abusers already have this knowledge. It is the Victims who are ignorant of this.

And the Order of Operations is always:

The Driver accrues and places Power +> [Into the] Engine to Propel a Vessel holding Power and/Energy +> [The Driver] steers the Vessel +> [With the purpose of] Manipulating another Vessel

This is Physics.

This is Chemistry.

This is Catalyst and Consequence.

This is Chain Reaction.

This is Cause and Effect.

This is Math.

This is Manipulation.

This is Economics.

This is Psychology.

This is Linguistics.

This is Vitalogy.

Abuse is using or farming Engines and Generators like Vessels.

Abuse is using words to manipulate and trick Engines and Generators into becoming Vessels for using and farming.

Slavery is when an Engine or Generator is being used as a Vessel.

If that thought disgusts you, then you are experiencing your Ethics (Steering) protesting this concept. Disgust is the Emotional Energy telling your Driver (Engine) that you need to Steer your Engine (You) away from the Abusers.

Freedom is when an Engine or Generator consciously Drives and Controls their Engine and Generator.

Narcissists, Pedophiles, Abusers already know this Intuitively. It is you who doesn’t. This information has already fallen into the wrong hands. I am placing it into yours so you can disarm abusers and defend yourself.

The only way to fight words with words is through knowledge. The more people who know this, the fewer victims there will be. This is my calling. This is my purpose. Knowledge is Power.

Literally, Knowledge increases the Power that your Mind can Generate. Knowledge increases the Value of your Asset, which is your Mind or your Natural Engine.

Abuse is always only ever about Power. But what gives Power its Power?

Where are those WORDS coming from?

Feelings. 100% of all Words are born from Feelings and Emotions. Feelings and Emotions are the Parents of Words.

Feeling is Force.

Emotion is Energy.

They are related, but not the same thing. So says Physics.

You have a Feeling or an Emotion, we form a MATCHING word. You USE that word to STEER your Mind.

We desire CONSEQUENCES. Money is a Consequence.

But it is the MIND that is the CATALYST.

The MIND is THE FIRST INVISIBLE CATALYST ALWAYS. (This is why the Mind is the Generator. Because the Mind is the Catalyst).

You want money?

Your MIND has to WORK FOR IT.

And you have needed the right WORDS to give your Mind the right ORDER OF OPERATIONS.

Formulas are like computer programs. You can have a computer program with an error in it (and then your computer doesn’t work right), you can have a computer program without any errors. Or you can have a computer program embedded with Viruses.

People who have Mental Illness, have viruses in their software. Triadic Healing is the Malware and the System Format.

SO… In fact… WORDS control ORDER OF OPERATIONS. Thus Words are more important than the Order of Operations.

Back to our Money Example:

Now… Put Words in the RIGHT ORDER of Catalyst to CONSEQUENCE. Which comes first?

Words. Your Mind. Money. Work.

Wait a moment! We’re going to add another word: Feelings & Emotions

Words. Your Mind. Money. Work. Feelings & Emotions.

Now… Put them in the right Order. I’ll wait while you do this. Which of these words is the Catalyst? Which is these words are the Consequence?

*Anna Waits*

*Time passes…*

Are you ready?

Words. Your Mind. Money. Work. Feelings & Emotions.

The correct Order of Operations is:

Feelings & Emotions. Words. Your Mind. Work. = Money (or… whatever it is you want to obtain)

And if you don’t know how, then the formula is:

Words. Your Mind. Learn. Solve. Work. = Money

Example 1

When they say “Work Hard for your Money,” they are actually saying:

THEIR Words (They have made themselves the Driver of you). YOUR BODY (You are not being treated like a vessel). Work = Little to No Money.

Example 2

When they say “Have your money work for you,” they are actually saying:

THEIR WORDS (They have made themselves the Driver of you). MONEY (The Money, a Vessel, is now a Generator). Work. = Money.

In both of these examples, they are the Drivers. Not you. In both these examples, Your MIND is removed from the equation. This is where Mindlessness or a lack of Awareness comes from.

Awareness is the conscious act and choice of putting yourself back into your Circuit as the Driver and is what most people crave, seek, and look for when they heal.

“Have your money work for you” leaves you with a single question:

“Where do you get the first wave of money?”

This is known as a Catch-22 that their words created because they gave you the wrong formula.

To correct this, you need a new Formula:

Your Mind. Learn. Solve. Work. = Money

You will require Problem Solving, Imagination, and Creativity to pull off “Learn + Solve.” Hence why Art is so important. Only Art gives you Imagination, Intuition, and Creativity.

Let’s go back to this formula:

A Formula is composed of different types of Energy and Power.

As it is, the formula “Your Mind. Learn. Solve. Work. = Money” has no Energy or power. So there is no momentum.

Words must match Feelings and Emotions. Feelings and Emotions are the parent of Words. We have a Feeling or Emotion that we must define. We have an Idea that our FEELINGS or EMOTIONS must convey. 100% of our FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS birth Words.

Feelings are Force.

Emotions are Energy.

A Force is permanent Energy.

Energy is temporary. Energy empowers and propels Force. Energy can be used to steer Force.

Love is the Primary Force. I do not know if there are others. Personally, I don’t believe there is. We want therefore we do. We want to be Understood, therefore we invent words.

We want to be understood better, therefore we MASTER words.

We want people to understand the ideas and feelings inside of us, Words are the ONLY method to do so. Words are your VEHICLE. From Feeling and Image and Idea inside of your head to the world.

Without WORDS you don’t connect.

You want? Well then… Now, we have FORCE.

But it is CHOICE that is the POWER. You can want all you want, but if you don’t CHOOSE, your proverbial car will sit there with a tank full of gas and go NO WHERE.

You WANT to have more money? You WANT to improve the QUALITY of your proverbial Boat that sits in the harbor without POWER, CHOOSE to learn. Love without passion goes nowhere. Dreams without Passion go nowhere. Emotions without Love get bottled up.

Bottled up Emotions are Suppressed Energy. Physics doesn’t like that. Mother Nature does not like that. There is a severe consequence for containing Emotions beyond the capacity of their Storage Space. And Mother Nature takes care of that imbalance via Mental Illness.

You want to improve your life? Choose to Learn.

And here you are! Great job! *High Five* You have CHOSEN and now, you have POWER.

Strategically Using Your Power

So you have Emotional Energy. You have Power of Choice. Let’s combine them together.


And words are the Vessels to carry that power with purpose to… We’ll get to that in just a moment.

Refresh our memories!

[WANT+CHOICE = POWER] +> Words. Your Mind. Learn. Solve. Work. = Money

Now let’s use those words to FOCUS and STEER your “boat” toward… Let’s choose a Destination.

Where do you want to go?

The Destination gives us everything. It is the path so we don’t drift. It is the “POINT” that keeps us on course. It is the Focal Point of our Energy.

If you have no Destination, then there is no REASON to get into the car and drive.

Where are we going and WHY are we going?

“I want a better life!” you may say.

GREAT! Excellent Purpose! Wanting a better life is a GREAT purpose!

Let’s step back and think on that.

What would a better life be for you?

Take your time.


Assignment #2: Write down all the things you can think of that will give you a better life.

*Anna waits*

Now, some people will list what they DON’T want or what a better life would be WITHOUT.

If you are this person, then simply say THE OPPOSITE.

“I DON’T want an asshole boss!” means you DO want a KIND Boss.”

“I DON’T want to be treated like shit by my children,” means you DO want to be treated FAIRLY and RESPECTFULLY by your children.”


You have your destination! “How” comes in a moment… Remember the Order of Operations.

“How” comes after you Feel + Want + Imagine + Dream + [Learn and Solve] + Do!

“Learn and Solve” is the “How” part of this equation. But most people have the wrong Order of Operations and they are unable to identify most of the components required to solve their problems (we will be covering this with you in a later lesson).

Most people put the cart before the horse. Some Life Formulas look like this:

[What my parents want] + Do = Unhappy Life

[What I BELIEVE I can achieve] + Do = Unhappy Life

[What I CAN do] + Do = Unhappy Life

[What society has told me to do] + Do = Unhappy Life

The Happiness Formula is [WANT+CHOICE = POWER] +> Words + [Imagine + Dream] + Learn + Solve + Do = Happiness

Destinations can be simple and small. What matters is that you HAVE them. BE SPECIFIC or BE SPECIFIC AND VAGUE! You can have a vague goal like “I want to be happy!”

But it is IMPERATIVE that you choose ONE QUALITY of happy to focus on. A Quality of Happy could be ANYTHING.

Let’s refresh!

[WANT+CHOICE = POWER] +> Words. Your Mind. Learn. Solve. Work. = Happiness

The Rubix Cube Algorithm

I love this example. Happiness requires a series of twists and turns of the Rubix Cube. This is a long algorithm, which contains a precise Mathematical Sequence.

Some people anticipate happiness after one twist. Others anticipate happiness after a few big twists.

To expect happiness after a few alterations is like expecting a solved Rubix Cube after completing a handful of twists.

In truth, the sequence is composed of many, multiple twists and turns that compile into multiple big changes (milestones) that then result in change over time.

In truth, the sequence contains 24 very precise “Trials,” each with about 5 “Challenges” per Trial all completed in the correct order. The Order of Operations matters.

Only the Highly Adaptable can fly through the steps quickly. However, the steps are the same order of operations for all.

Steering Your Formula

Now let’s use those words to FOCUS and STEER your “boat” toward… Let’s choose a Destination.

Plug in that Destination, and now we have…

[WANT+CHOICE = POWER] +> Words. Your Mind. Learn. Solve. Work. = [Your DESTINATION]

Now! The moment you have a chosen a GOAL or Destination, you have also chosen a FOCAL POINT! Wahoo! Focal Points are DIRE for Success.

Now you are going to need THIS tool:

*Ominous light descends on this brown paper packaging that I hand to you as I bow with respect*

You take the package and unwrap these words…

“Is what I am doing helping me reach my goal?”

(Side note, if you struggle with Addiction and/or Procrastination, you will need some additional tools, which we will cover shortly).

The sentence: “Is what I am doing helping me reach my goal?” has a lot of… Physics behind it. (Yes. Words and Sentences are FILLED with Physics). Let’s break this down…

“Is what I am doing helping me reach my goal?”

Remember when I said “Feelings are the parents of words?”

Well… Words summon or “evoke” their parents.

Words and Feelings are Synonymous.

Let that process.

Pause here and really THINK on that. Words and Feelings are the SAME THING.

Words HOLD Feelings. This is why they are vessels.

Feelings BECOME Words.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy can only be stored or transferred.” – Physics

And when we CREATE a word, we are STORING ENERGY from the Feeling INTO that word and TRANSFERRING it to another.

WORDS are CONTAINERS for Feelings or Emotions that ARE passed between two people exactly like Electricity along a Current between a Transmitter and a Receiver.

Words are shipping containers for Feelings.

Sit on this and process it.

I am FEELING my feelings. I am THINKING of what to say to you. I have IDEAS and IMAGES in my head, birthed from a LOVE of learning, logic, words, and life and you, and I want to GIVE you the stuff inside my head so you stop hurting. So you can be happy.

So I IMAGINE what I will say to you.

And thus… I write, knowing that the FEELINGS are being carried from within me to you, received by you as you read my words.

This is why I am an Author. I love words most of all.

Words hold the Energy that the Author has gifted to you. Shakespeare’s Energy in Hamlet is 500 years old.

“To Thine Own Self Be True.” – Shakespeare

Words are Emotional Energy.

Now… Think of all the words you say. All the words you read. All the words you hear. What Energy are you taking into you? What Energy are you passing on to others? What is coming into your Mind with or without your Conscious Awareness? How is it changing you?

There is one more piece here that so many people have missed.

The Greek word for “Word.”

Do you know what it is?

The Greek word for “Word” is “Logic.”

Logic is Synonymous with Word and is Synonymous with Feelings and Emotions.

Logic = Word = Feelings & Emotions = Energy

Emotions are Logical.

Words Matter.

So when I say to you that you have Logical Health inside of you, and you do, what I am really saying is that you have Word and Emotional Energy inside of you… and your Story Health depends on it.

A Human Being is only made up of their Logical Health and their Story Health.

We are just pure Emotional Energy translated into Words and Story.

Words. Matter.

Emotions are Logical.


Your sanity depends on it.

Frequency and Energy

Energy has a Frequency. Words each have a Frequency. When words and Emotional Energy contradict, this creates Out of Phase Signals, which leads to Cognitive Dissonance. A little Out of Phase is subtle, but a Lot of Out of Phase Signal feels like Vibrational Frequency is inside of you, ripping you half.

People who live against their Truth live with two (or more) Out of Phase Signals inside of them.

Cognitive Dissonance is at the core of all Mental Illness and Emotional Pain. By restoring the right Words to the right Emotions, by allowing and restoring the Flow of Emotional Energy, by ending the Resistance of Emotional Energy, these three things end the Out of Phase Signals and end Cognitive Dissonance.

We are Physics. We must play by Rules of Physics. We already do. Cognitive Dissonance occurs when a person violates the Laws of Physics. We are Physics. We feel Physics. We are not exempt from the Laws of Physics. And Mother Nature is a bitch when it comes to following her rules.

“Is what I am doing helping me reach my goal?”

The emotions that are behind these word are this:

“What is the purpose of the action I am currently doing?”

That is *really* what you are asking yourself.

WHY are you doing what you are doing?

Either it IS adding and/or progressing you in your goal or… it is not.

If it is not, then you are doing it for another reason. What is that reason?

The Addiction Cycle

I HATE the word “Addict.” The word is DISGUSTING. It’s a Label. A BRAND. I BAN IT!

People who struggle with Addictions are so… so beautiful. Because the REASON they struggle with Addictions is because under the Addiction is a FEAR that reflects HOW they love.

And how they love is the most beautiful…

People who struggle with Addiction are the Gentle Lovers of the world, the Pacifists who would rather elevate others above all else. They serve. The problem is, These people believe that loving themselves hurts others. They believe that love is in limited supply.

And they think that they have to “portion” the resource “Love.”

And these people made sure that EVERYONE ELSE got ALL the Love resource first, saving none for themselves. These people believe that “Love is in short supply, and I love others so much, I care for others so much, I can’t harm others.”

Living without Love… I have lived without love. I have lived without self-love. I have lived with love. I now live with self-love. And I can tell you, that there is nothing that is more hell on earth that living without love. Living without self-love is the worst of all.

“Look at Me!” vs. “I Suffered too!”

This… this is a very difficult space that we all need to talk about.

Be aware and mindful of your own Emotional Metric that the “Scarcity of Validation” is not blinding you to the real message: That all have suffered. And we all are doing our best. That another’s “lashing out” is actually their “Scarcity Mindset” and an open wound displaying their pain.

Likewise, it does not invalidate yours.

So not only are these people living without self-love, they also are dedicated to ensuring that everyone else receives love FIRST to ensure everyone ELSE has their share. Because they believe that love is a limited resource.

How long could you do it? Could you do it?

How long could you do it before living without self-love warps you into the thing you hate the most? Violence.

Narcissists are the “Cornered Dogs” in a dog-eat-dog world. People call this “The Rat Race.” What I see is a dog-eat-dog world.

Fortunately, I have 40 years in rescuing and recovering animals from trauma and abuse. The skills and techniques I used to recover those animals, was the same skills and techniques I used on myself and my children after we escaped our slavery.

I know how to rescue, rehabilitate, and recover. The Science is the same. A Science I have dedicated 40 years of my life to. This is why I had to suffer. This is why I had to be exposed to the Animal Abuse I witnessed and endured alongside cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles, frogs, and snakes. They are my equal for we suffered together, and we shared the same abuser. My cat and I suffered from PTSD from the same abuser… from the same abuse. There was no other way to obtain the skills I have.

My “Cherry picked” Knowledge + Animal Rescue + Communication = The Healing Garden

We suffer to learn the mastery of a skill. We heal when we learn how to apply the mastery of that skill to ourselves. We redeem and justify the suffering when we come to identify the TRUE name of that mastered skill and then we teach it to others; the mastered skill obtained only through suffering and abuse.

Only then does one become grateful for their abuse. This is Healing. When you realize that being abused and suffering is the greatest teacher.

Because in abuse you understand why the lesson is so important to learn. In abuse only do you learn the value of not learning the lesson required. I am SO grateful for those 40 years of abuse and slavery. Because now, I get to spend the next 40 years of my life teaching those skills to others. And you know what?

That makes every moment I suffered WORTH IT. I am so grateful for my abuse. They did not die in vain because I chose to learn and then to teach.

This is the POWER of CHOICE.” – Anna Imagination

All have suffered.

  • Some of suffer to the point of fighting for ourselves.
  • Some of suffer to the point of fighting for others.
  • Some of suffer to the point of staying loyal to our Ethics at all costs.
  • Some of suffer to the point where we betray our own Ethics because the suffering is that severe.

All have suffered. And we ALL are doing our Best.

The problem is, there are 12 different Challenges. And the Challenge you are facing, most likely is NOT the challenge that someone else is facing.

(We don’t talk about the people who turned the suffering of others into a game… they are “something else” and are DEFINITELY NOT reading this article. They are exempt from this).

Don’t read these sentences thinking, “Well my ex…” or “this person…” We are talking about YOU. Focus on YOU.

Those who struggle with Addictions are the ones who suffer to the point where they betray their own Ethics because the suffering is that severe and this increases and fortifies their self-loathing.

The key, no matter how you suffer, the key is to learn how to “Love, Choose, and Do Ethically.” And this requires Problem Solving.

The thing is… Ethics change, often and throughout our lives. This is NOT common knowledge.

Philosophy is the Study and Mastery of Ethics.

If you are not a Philosopher, then you would not know about Ethics.

Ethics CHANGE often and throughout our lives. And when our Ethics change, so does THE FORMULA.

12 times they change, over and over again. There are 12 different FORMULAS for Ethical living.

Therefore, “Love, Choose, and Do Ethically,” requires Problem Solving to navigate this formula as your Ethics change.

Those who struggle with Addictions, require starting at The First Formula.

Everyone else requires either starting at the Second or the Third Formula.

I can and will give you the Formulas, but you are going to have to decide which one is right for you.

Some people may require the Fourth and Fifth Formula.

Very few will require the Sixth Formula. In fact, almost no one is ready for the Sixth Formula. If you have figured out the first five Formulas on your own, then you don’t need me or The Healing Garden. You have figured out the secret to life.

You may be here to “polish up” what you already instinctively know or, as in the case of Robert Kiyosaki, you value learning and you just want the theory of what it is you’ve done so you can continue to do what you’ve been doing consciously.

If you are not honest about what you are dealing with, about what you are afraid of, about who and what you REALLY want, then you run the risk of choosing the wrong Formula.

You may be asking, “Can’t I just go to the first Formula and work my way through all of them in order?”

Yes! You can! Please do that! In fact, I RECOMMEND IT! Because when you follow the Formulas in order, you GUARANTEE hitting on All the points and “IN THE RIGHT ORDER.

What did I say about “The Order of Operations?”


Here are the Formulas.

The Emotional Formula

Coming Soon… We are building. Please check back again shortly.

The First Healing Formula

Coming Soon… We are building. Please check back again shortly.

The EMOTIONAL Formula is really what you want. And the EMOTIONAL Formula is the same. The Learning Formula, The Healing Formula, and the Emotional Formula are all the same Formulas.

But it is the ETHICS that change so WHAT you have to Focus on changes. But the EMOTIONS don’t change. Only the Focus.

I will be giving them all to you.

Now… before we begin, when you get the right formulas, there will be CONSEQUENCES to following these formulas.

You have to be PREPARED for the CONSEQUENCES.

To not be prepared for the consequences, can be DISASTROUS. So we have to prepare you.

The Consequences to your following these formulas is going to be determined by HOW MUCH RESISTANCE AND INTERFERENCE you have from Outside Sources.

You most likely will have Internal Resistance. But many people will also have EXTERNAL Resistance and also EXTERNAL Interference.

If you have EXTERNAL Resistance and also EXTERNAL Interference, seek a PROFESSIONAL. The Healing Garden Franchises specialize in training our Healers in this process so they give you the support you need.

If you wish to buy into The Healing Garden Franchise, contact our team.

If you only suffer from Internal Resistance, the Formulas are designed to overcome that resistance and knock it out of you.

So! First we prepare you! (Up next)

Second, we guide you and give you the walkthrough. (Following the Walkthrough)

BUT FIRST, If you need it, find a Coach or Therapist, find a Healing Garden Franchise near you. Tell them you are going through The Healing Garden’s Formulas for Triadic Healing and you need the support.

Give this link to your Therapist or Healer to read through and they’ll know what to do.

If you are a Therapist, Coach, or Healer and your patient or client just gave you this link, go here.

Let’s go back to :

“Now… before we begin, when you get the right formulas, there will be CONSEQUENCES to following these formulas.

You have to be PREPARED for the CONSEQUENCES.”

Wait! You say… If there are CONSEQUENCES, then why would I DO this!?

All people have two choices:

Do you want to be happy or unhappy?

Most people will say that they want to be happy.

Are you happy or unhappy?

Most people will say that they are unhappy.

So you want to be happy, but you are unhappy.

Well… the CHANGE is going to cost you. And there is a formula for that.

[Suffering and/or Pain] + ROI > Risk + Work Required For Change

I’ll explain what this formula means in a moment. First, let’s review The Happiness Spectrum

Happiness Spectrum

Unhappiness is Suffering on a spectrum.

The longer you are Unhappy, the longer you Suffer.

This is where people struggle.

Unhappy people have a hard time imagining life without suffering.

Unhappy people often have no idea what life without suffering is like.

And Imagining your Dream is key to achieving it.

So Unhappy people often apply “unhappy living expectations” to “happy living expectations.

And then the Unhappy people are like, “Why bother doing the work to be happy if I can’t have it?” or “Why do the work if I’ll just end up with the the same unhappy life?”

This isn’t about a happy life or the work. This is about fear… and all fear is a lack of education. This is about not knowing what it is you are really working for.

“What am I really changing for?”

What this really boils down to is “Hard” Living or “Easy” Living.

Unhappy Living is Hard Living.

Not doing what you want is Hard Living.

Living as others want you to live is Hard Living.

Change is Hard Living.

Happy Living is Easy Living.

Living as you want to live is Easy Living.

Doing what you want to do is Easy Living.

The longer you stay in Hard Living, the Harder life gets.

Changing from a Hard Life to an Easy Life is Hard.

Recovering from a Hard Life as you adjust to an Easy Life is Hard.

Settling into an Easy Life after awhile, is Easy.

Waking up one day to an Easy Life after things have settled down is EASY.

Preserving the Easy Life after you have achieved it is EASY.

Forgetting you ever had a Hard Life is Easy (and occurs about 30 days after you have found your Easy Life).

So when you are making the decision to stay in your Hard and Unhappy Life, the “Easy Road” does not exist for you.

So long as you live in an unhappy life, doing what others demand of you, life will be hard.

Getting to the “Easy” Life is going to be Hard.

The other thing a lot of people bring up when they are trying to choose which path to take at this point is this:

“I want them to stop hurting me.”

“Then Deny Access to them.”

“But that will hurt them.”

“Then stay where you are.”

“But they won’t stop hurting me.”

This is someone who is looking for the Third Nonexistent Option to their problem: The Solution with Easy Change or Change without Pain.

A lot of people toggle between Complaining and Silent Suffering while they try and “Problem Solve” for the Painless Change.

And so they never change.

This is the person who needs a solid “Sit Down” with a Reality Check.

What you want, A Change without Pain, does not exist.

“To have my loved ones not hurt me without standing up to them or causing them pain… I want the pain to stop without the work.”

They hurt you because you don’t stop them. You must choose which you value more: Self-Love and Self-Preservation or the Power of that Loved Ones have over you.

You are not denying them your Love. You are denying them their power over you. Taking your Power from them does not harm them. Them taking your Power does harm you.

You must decide which you value most.

Either you stay where you are and the Hard Life continues for all time.

Or you do the work to change to get to The Easy Life.

You cannot have both.

Another way to break down these options for you is this:

You can choose to change at once with immediate results, but with the most immediate pain, followed by a much faster healing time. The Easy Life is then your reward faster.

You can choose to change gradually with slower results, and with the gradual pain, followed by a prolonged healing time. The Easy Life is your reward, but it takes more time to get to you.

You can choose to not change at all with no results and with continued ongoing pain, followed by chronically worsening time. There is no Easy Life in this option, but prolonged pain and/or dissociation and numbness as you “get used” to the pain.

There is no Change without Discomfort and/or pain.

Again, let’s revisit the Formula of Change:

[Suffering and/or Pain] + ROI > Risk + Work Required For Change

ROI means “Return on Investment” or Anticipated Reward

In short, you suffering and pain + the anticipated reward that you gain from your work to change has to be MORE THAN ENOUGH INCENTIVE than the Risk it will take to change + the work that will be required for the Change.

The Incentive has to be greater than the Risk and the Work.

If the Incentive to change is not high enough, then there will be no change.

So decide, is your [Suffering and/or Pain] + ROI > Risk + Work Required For Change?

If Risk is a serious concern for you and/or you are struggling with this formula, I strongly recommend seeking support from a Healer.

This is a work in progress. We’re working on building this better for you. Thank you for your patience.

Please check back soon.

Up Next… Preparing You for the Ups and Downs of the Emotional Formula and the Ethical Journey.

And Then… we guide you and walk you through the process.

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