What You Want

Authenticity. Quality Knowledge. The Correct Answers. Freedom. Power to Change.

Most people don’t know what they want. They don’t even know who they are. They don’t even realize that they don’t know that they don’t know. That’s the problem. I call this The “Pre-Awareness” Stage. It’s 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Levels of Consciousness.

Most people are at the 4th Level of Consciousness.

Some people have figure out at that “Something is up. Now… their starting to figure it out. Their Consciousness is starting to find them.

Some people have figure out that “they’re missing something.” I call this Stage #1.

Others have figured out that they need to go “Find themselves.” Some people realize that “they need to get their shit together.” I call this Stage #2. This always starts at the 5th Level of Consciousness.

Some people have started looking. But they don’t even know what to call what they’re doing so they google for Therapy, Holistic Healing, Healing Journeys, and the like. Some look into Psychedelics.

Some people are being “Called,” but where or toward what, they have no idea. But they’re going. I call this Stage #3 or the “6th Level of Consciousness.”

Some people have seen “The Matrix” and they’ve left the System and the Rat Race. They are at Stage #4 or the “7th Level of Consciousness.”

I have met some people who are at the 8th Stage of Consciousness. Others who are at the 10th Level of Consciousness.

And only one who was at the 11th Level of Consciousness.

For Perspective, I am at the 28th Level of Consciousness.

At the 26th Level of Consciousness, you find what Called you and what you were looking for. You were looking for your Energy’s Name. Your Soul. Or, more specifically, the Awareness of your Soul.

At the 28th Level of Consciousness, you can See Love. And you know what it is without being taught.

At the 7th Level of Consciousness you can see Economics.

At the 9th Level of Consciousness you realized that the Levels of Consciousness are Infinite, though, at that Level, you think the “Levels” are “Time.”

At the 10th Level of Consciousness you can see Physics.

At the 20th Level, you realize that the “Levels” are “Time” and that “Time” REALLY does not exist. Not at all. It’s all just Stages of Awareness.

At the 22nd Level of Consciousness you can See the “Big Bang” and Unified Theory.

So yeah… I know what people really want. They want Authenticity. They want Quality Knowledge. They want The Correct Answers without any of the BS because their tired of all the lies, deception, and manipulation at their expense. They want Freedom and Peace. But most can’t even imagine what that looks like. They want the Power to Change.

What they really want is the Ethical path to Obtain their Own Power, Ethically, so they can Know who they REALLY are and Become what they feel they know they are.

And I know the Path you seek.

It begins with Power.


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