Surviving Your Parents: Are Your Children Trying To Survive You?

There is no such thing as a rebellious teen.

When a teen “rebels” they are in Self-Preservation mode, primarily because parents are violating their Power of Choice, and the child is fighting to Preserve and Protect their Power of Choice because THE POWER OF CHOICE IS THAT VITAL TO THEIR HEALTH.

Most parents claim that their child is “disrespectful.”

Ethics are gifts. And these are things that cannot be demanded or taken.

Respect, Responsibility, Accountability, and Forgiveness.

These are the most sought after Ethics by Adults. Many adults attempt to force these from others. Stolen Ethics are not Ethics. What you have actually gotten is nonconsenual taking of someone Power of Choice.

In the pursuit of forced Ethics, what we, in fact, accomplish is the raping of Power.

Mother Nature built this in on purpose.

Respect, Responsibility, Accountability, and Forgiveness.

Are rewards you MUST earn from others. No matter how much you kick, scream, or force, Mother Nature has made these ethics inaccessible to Takers and Power Rapers.

You want these Ethics from your children? YOU have to pursue them YOURSELF. There is no other way.

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