The Stages of Learning

Journey Into The Self

The Pioneer’s Journey: The Apprentice Pioneer

I have 4 types if videos I record:

Apprentice, Tradesmen, Master, and Philosopher…

When I teach, I am talking on topics where I am Master and Philosopher.

In my “Journals from the Frontier,” I am an Apprentice.

These blogs are a peak into what being an Apprentice of the 3rd of They looks like.

“So many of us are just trying to survive our parents, that we can’t even focus on life’s true agenda: Figuring out what kind of a boat you want, where you’re going to sail, where you want to go, and how you want to get there.

And instead of helping me get to New York City, my parents salvaged my boat.” – Anna Imagination

“Emotions have a purpose. They are “Fuel” for your Dreams. This is why it is so important to Learn how to “sail” through life by mastering Problem Solving.

Decide what you want. Choose your Destination. And use your Emotions with Problem Solving to navigate your Life Journey toward your Dreams.” – Anna Imagination

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