Why No Government Should Ever Be Permitted To Be Or Own A Business

Because “Government: The Business” has an invested interest in its own success. That’s why. Because it creates the Monopoly and is the monopoly it outlaws. Because “Government: The Business” removes the Competition Incentive REQUIRED for Growth and Development, which also enacts a Natural “Quality Control” of services and products ensuring growth and prosperity with rising quality and innovative growth and productivity for The People.

Because “Government: The Business” interferes with “The Invisible Hand” when it manages and also plays the Business Game, resulting in an imbalanced Economy that we see today with Inflation : Recession, wobbling back and forth, off balanced while the “Government: The Business” makes choices invested in their own interest.

Because “Government: The Business” now has a shifted sense of priority from “Protecting The People” to “Using the People to Farm them for their resources” to boost their own Business Agenda: Power and Profit at the expense of the People. We see this during times of War.

No Business In Business For itself can act without bias while managing the Business construct on a whole.

That is why.

Current Businesses that are run by and/or are collaborating with “Government: The Business” today:

  • Education and Schools
  • Psychology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Insurance Companies
  • Voting Facilities and Presidential Elections
  • The IRS
  • Wars and Military
  • Congress
  • Media

Pause. Think. Learn.

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