How War Is “Good” For The Economy

War is determined “Good” for the Economy by Governments because Manufacturing and Production to make Weapons of War is increased, thus boosting Profits and Creating Jobs, which the Government can tax under “Earned Income.”

However, other abundant resources that are lost (people) are considered “disposable” and thus, are not considered losses at all because those resources (people) are high in supply.

Go ahead. Google “How is War Good For the Economy” and read all of the articles that repeat this information. That people are considered “disposable resources” because they are in surplus. Basic Supply and Demand.

Does that sound like a Republic to you? Or more like Soylent Green?

In short, a Weapon of War (a gun) and the Taxed Earned Income is considered more valuable than a person. They just gotta be sure people keep getting jobs, you know. So long as people keep getting jobs, they’ll get their Earned Income Tax. Hence School. 12 years of “Get a Job” or “Go to College to Get a Job.”

So yes, in this Mindset, War is “Good” For the Economy. For an Unethical Economy, that is.

Do you feel sick yet? I did when I studied this.

The Government within the Visible Economy counts “people” as “disposable resources,” which is why you have a social security number. It’s really your “inventory” number.

State Tests are really Metrics to see what the Government’s Inventory is “worth.” State Tests are the Appraisals conducted on their stock. You are stock.

It also amused me (Ironic Amusement. Not “Haha” Amusement) how so many people thought that Modern Times, Metropolis, Soylent Green, 1984, Farenheit 451, and Animal Farm were all foretelling of a possible future, when, in fact, it was the Artists all screaming “Look what they are doing to us NOW.”

Come on people… Build the Equation.

  • The Government controls the Media
  • The Government controls War
  • The Government assigns you a Social Security Number
  • The Government controls your education
  • The Government doesn’t tell their teachers why you have to learn this, and they don’t know
  • The Government mandates “All children must legally attend school”
  • The Government tells schools that they cannot teach Economics, Finance, Logic, Psychology, Law, or Communications to children (the USEFUL subjects)
  • The Government (Not Billionaires) tax your Earned Income

The people hate Billionaires.

Entrepreneurs and Billionaires are the ones who found and figured out “The Invisible Economy,” which you cannot read about in books.

Take out an Educational System, and you control the masses who become too stupid to even know how dumb they are… Just like Rome did to Alexandria. History always repeats itself…

But the Government also made sure you did not learn about Alexandria.

See how that works.

Think. Get curious. You and your children are being farmed.

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