The Pre-requisites for Attending The Healing Garden’s Alexandria

Welcome to HMS Alexandria. Plato’s Curriculum, as Plato intended it, is taught here. And, in the tradition of Plato, “Let no one who has not studied Geometry enter these walls.” I further add that “Let no one who has not stepped into the Abstract of Comprehension via the 7th Ethical Perspective Stage enter these walls.”

There are only two prerequisites for attending Alexandria.

You must have studied Geometry. In Plato’s meaning, this actually means, “Up to and Including Geometry.”

You must have completed The Healing Garden’s Triadic Healing Part #1. Only those who are at the 7th+ Ethical Perspective Stage may continue with the classes provided in Triadic Healing Part #2.

The Science of Comprehension is Integrated Foundational Learning. The Order of Operations are as important as the Lessons and Components Provided here.

To not internalize the subjects in the Appropriate Order is to significantly alter your Comprehension of this material and may lead to Mental Illness.

If you wish to register for The Healing Garden’s Triadic Healing Part #1, Go here… (Link Coming Soon)

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