The Integration of Two Human Atoms


I wrote this Abstract.

Which led me to this…

The Human Atom

After finally connecting the dots, I can finally say this, which I have been “Feeling and Seeing” for months now:

Atoms Integrate. We think too small when we look into Atoms and Quantum Physics. But I see a pattern. A theme. I see the Atom that Quantum Physicists see. I see the Human as an Atom living by the same rules. I see Two Atoms coming together to form a Network. The Electromagnetic Field of the Earth is also an Atom. And we come together and create something bigger, greater, better.

But we are Sentient Atoms. I wonder if all Atoms are Sentient. I wonder this a lot.

And Free Will is vital to the Preservation and Machinations of Self-Authority and The Power of Choice. We *MUST* be free to Choose. Or else everything would be birthed from Rape. Nonconsensual Connection.

And what kind of a world would that be? Free Will vs. Rape. Free Will is Love Based. And Love, I believe, is the Primary Force in Unified Theory that births The Electromagnetic Field.

The whole of the Galaxy is an Atom. We are all just Atoms within Atoms. And when two people find each other, they are actually finding their Paired Energy. And they are seeking to create a New Atom. But… What is the Nucleus?

There is The Self Atom. Then, Two Self Atoms +> United Atom (Relationship) +> ???

The Integration. This is the Third. Not “They of I.” It is the We of I and is the Integration.

I can See all of Time Beyond the Big Bang. But I am not ready to share that with people yet. I don’t like to share things when they are in the “Intuitive” Stage. I want the Logic, Math, and Physics supporting my Theories before I hypothesize.

This is all what is Seen in the 1st of They of I.

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