Rich Man Economics: An Introduction

  • Financial Education (Economics)
  • Self-Regulation, Self-Management, and Mental Management
  • Communication and Connection
  • Comprehension and Problem Solving For Practical Application¬†

Poor Man Mindset + Middle Class Mindset + Entrepreneur /Rich Man Mindset

Poor Man Mindset + Middle Class Mindset = SCHOOL

These are four subjects that do not exist in the world of Academia. These are four subjects that, if you want to study them, you’re going to have to “figure it out.” 

If I had to condense these four subjects into one, I would call them, “The School of Hard Knox.”

I don’t know who’s idea it was to not teach these subjects in school. I don’t know who’s big idea it was to leave the four, most valuable subjects of study into the hands of “fate” while we all “figure it out” for ourselves in “the school of hard knox,” but that is the most… ignorant, unintelligent, stupid idea I have ever come up with.

I come from the mindset, “If you don’t know, learn, define and master the theory, then teach it to others.” 

And that is literally my life work. My passion, my hobby, my life. 

I started to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad last night, and I received the biggest validation of my life. I learned nothing *new* from the book because I was already doing everything right. I just didn’t have the Conscious Awareness for everything I was doing. The concepts taught in Rich Dad, Poor Dad are the same concepts I invented and followed, but I didn’t apply them to finances. I applied them to Mental Health, to Trauma Healing, and to everything. 

My Father was a Poor Dad. I was born with a Rich Dad Mindset. My Father was so dedicated to the Poor Dad Mindset, that he became violent to preserve and protect and nurture this mindset into others, no matter what. 

My Father was a die-hard Poor Dad who believed so strongly in the Mindset, that violence ensued. 

He is adamant that the “Life Formula” is go to school, get a job, buy a car, buy a house, get married, have kids = Happiness For All. Those are the rules. And that is what we all are supposed to be doing! Now you do it! Only… I self-educated. My schooling came from Philosophers. I REFUSED to sell my Freedom. My FREEDOM IS NOT FOR SALE. I refused to get my license or buy a car “because I live in New York City.” I loathe “home ownership” and it felt like a foolish and lavish luxury that mandated a LOT of maintenance I didn’t want to do. Married? Okay, yes. But AFTER my career please. Kids? I love my children and don’t regret them. I do regret when I had them and with whom. And… I would not change a thing because then I would not have MY kids. 

I want to shine the spotlight on a single question. 

Sit back. Clear your mind. Close your eyes. Take a deep, long breath. 

Are you happy? 

Do you have a deep, calming certainty that flows through you so smoothly that you can feel the depths of your soul and it is filled with Contentment? 

Are you happy?

Have you done everything “the right way?” Did you do “everything” the way they told you you should have done it?

Did it land you the happiness they promised you?

Now. Priority time. 

How important is happiness to you?

Are they happy? 

Is anyone happy?

Can you think of anyone around you who is happy and who has also followed, “The American Dream and Happiness Formula?” 

Then maybe, just maybe, everything we are doing is wrong. 

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