The Genius Formula

“Learn how to break down Complex into Simple… Learn how to see the Simple hidden within the Complex and you can solve anything.” – Anna Imagination

I surround myself with the smartest of individuals and we literally sit around all day talking, hypothesizing, and thinking shit up. Our brains are our greatest asset. Our ideas are our “bread and butter.”

An intelligent person knows the value of a shared idea and, when mixed with passion and motivation, a single thought can propel a business forward, change the world, redefine history.

And all you need is an imagination, a thought, a passion, and a friend who agrees.

They Way Of It

Your Average Joe, is oblivious to this world. They are stuck in the Micro Point of View with blinders on and they are just trying to survive. They lack so much of “The Big Picture” that they can’t even make accurate deductions.

Intelligent People get flustered and may be compelled to argue with “Your Average Joe.” Intelligent+ People have learned to close the door and let them have their Wonderland.

The Healing Garden was built for the Intelligent and Intelligent+ who are desperate to escape Wonderland. In short, Wonderland works against anyone who is *not* Your Average Joe. The Intelligent struggle and most of them “tolerate” Wonderland.

Intelligent+ are hell-bent on escaping Wonderland and are looking for a way to “get the hell out of dodge.” Intelligent+ may have never been in Wonderland, often being unable to conform since birth.

The Genius Formula

There is “Intelligent” and then there is “A Whole Other Level.” What I like to call Intelligent+. The difference between “Intelligent” and “Intelligent+” is found within “The Genius Formula.”

An Intelligent Person may have Emotional Discipline or Mathematical Strategy. They may be book smart. They may have the ability to sit back and assess a situation. They may be innovative and educated.

In all cases, the Intelligent Person is Consciously Unaware.

Many Intelligent Persons are actually Intelligent+ People who have “dumbed down” or suppressed their Intelligence to “fit in” with Your Average Joe’s or keep themselves “Functioning” in Wonderland due to a lack of Alternative.

The people I’ve surrounded myself with, I’ve noticed, have these three skills mastered and disciplined (or they are consciously working on them). The combined mastery of these three skills is what I call “The Genius Formula.”

The Philosopher’s Point of View + Emotional Discipline + Mathematical Strategy = Genius

The Philosopher’s Point of View

When you take Micro, Meso, and Macro Points of View and you Integrate them so you can see The Big Picture plus The Whole Picture Integrated from Simple into Complex Components moving via The Laws of Catalyst and Consequence Chain Reactions all at the same time.

Micro = 1st Person POV

Meso = 3rd Person POV

Macro = Unintegrated Omniscient POV

2nd Person POV is just the Integration of 1st Person POV and 3rd Person POV.

Philosopher POV = Micro, Meso, Macro all Integrated and Combined. Written

Micro POV +> Meso POV +> Macro POV +> //Philosopher’s POV

Emotional Discipline

The Mastery of keeping your Emotions separate from your Logic while permitting your Emotions to flow freely to run as Metrics to your Decisions while applying Logic to navigate your life.

Mathematical Strategy

The Conscious Craft of using Mathematical Tools of Problem Solving to your Life to further navigate your life around obstacles.

Genius Can Be Taught

Genius can be more than taught. It is our “true state” of existence. After I broke down the complexity of the Human Mind, I noticed two primary… let’s call them, “switches” that determined the direction a person will go:

“Follow” and “Think.”

The “Follow” Switch

The “Follow” Switch is the switch in a Mind that is at the base of growth. It is the “Primal Instinct” to Herd because you’re Prey. It is the first Evolutional Trial. And either you pass or you don’t. It you pass, you move on to the next “Switch.” You stay in limbo. You run on ahead or you fall way behind and go your own way.

You become a “straggler” because you are a “Leader.”

The “Follow” Switch will naturally stay off under healthy, well-balanced Parenting.

Toxic and unbalanced Parenting will turn the “Follow” Switch on. Wonderland’s Educational System is designed to turn the “Follow” Switch on and ensure that the “Follow” Switch stays on.

The “Think” Switch

Just because the “Follow” switch doesn’t turn on in you, does not mean you will “Think.” But it does mean that you most likely will “Think” in the right scenario.

The “Think” Switch, based on my research, in the right environment will turn on, and you’ll begin to notice. If the “Follow” Switch doesn’t turn on in you, then, with the right Catalyst designed with the correct Order of Operations of Chain Reactions, the “Think” Switch *will* turn on.

If you want to “turn on” your “Think” switch or ensure it is on, click here.

You just need the right Catalyst with the right Order of Operations in the right Sequence to “trigger” the “Think” Switch to flip.

The “Pitfall”

The Pitfall occurs to most people whose “Think” switch gets turned on, and it breaks my heart. The “Pitfall” is where many people end up after the “Think” Switch turns on.

You go your own way. You are not a follower. Your Think Switch has been flipped… and you find yourself incredibly alone. You find yourself accruing way too many “odd” looks from people who make you feel like a freak.

“Loved Ones” and Family Members may have scolded you. You realize you “talk over peoples” heads more times than not. You are told you’re “crazy.” In most cases, you’re also told you’re “too smart.”

People look at you with fear and terror, isolating you more, and you begin to realize how absolutely “misunderstood” you often are. Depression sets in and you shrink yourself because you don’t want to scare others.

You “intimidate” without meaning to. Your own parents may be terrified of you. Maybe you were beaten for being “too smart.”

Worse of all, you couldn’t find *anyone* who could come close to being able to hold their own in conversation with you. You may talk to yourself. A LOT. You may have more Imaginary friends than “real” friends.

You can’t follow. You can’t be something you’re not. You can’t belong anywhere. You may fall into Depression, drugs, alcohol, self-loathing, abuse. You become a loner, a “lone wolf,” and a rover. You go on your own, accepting that there is no one in the world for you.

You may be socially awkward. You may be an introvert… not because you chose to be. But because you gave up on being understood or finding someone “like you.”

The Power of Intelligence

I collect people like this. I am one of them. My best friend of 17+ years is like this. My Partner is like this. My Team is like this. Every one of us are Intelligent+ people. Leaders who were rejected by Family and Society because we were “too smart” to be wanted, loved, or understood.

Intelligence is Power. Knowledge is Power. And when Intelligent+ People are discovered, Your Average Joe, who thinks and functions on “The Hierarchy” and “Manipulating The Upper Hand” to Compromise Equal Footing is threatened by one truth:

They cannot manipulate The Upper Hand of someone who is Intelligent+. Their only solution is to abuse them and beat them down into submission.

Bottom Line: Our Intelligence scares them.

Why Our Intelligence Scares “The Average Joe”

Because they don’t know about Ethics because they lack Ethical Knowledge. So they project their lack of Ethics onto our Intelligence.

They think, “If I had that kind of Knowledge and Power, then I would be an Evil Genius.”

But the biggest piece of Knowledge that Your Average Joe misses is that Ethics are a direct result of Intelligence. And that the more Intelligent you are, the more Ethical you become.

Mother Nature made it so. She would have it no other way. The smarter a person gets, they more their Hippocampus grows. The more the Amygdala shrinks.

And then Intelligent+ People are told by Your Average Joe to “stay humble.” “Stay small.” “Don’t brag or boast.”

It isn’t a brag or a boast when it’s truth and it’s who you are. When it isn’t said in a “self-boasting” way, but in an exploration of Self-Definition and Self-Truth.

The thing is… Intelligence is not something you’re born with. It is something that is and can be taught and it is all we teach here at The Healing Garden and Alexandria.

We are a community of Intelligent+ People. We provide respite, sanctuary, shelter, direction, and resources to anyone who identifies with “The Think Switch” story.

If you feel like, deep down, that you have a Leader buried deep under your Self-Doubt, that you have had to “hide” or “shrink” yourself and your True Intelligence just to “get by” in life… Then The Healing Garden was built for you.

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