The Ethical Business Model

This is one that sits near and dear at the heart of me.

Traditional Business Models are “Profit/Power” based whereas the Ethical Business Model is “Nurturing/Ethical” based.

Traditional Business Models “farm” the Foundational Workers of their time and resources with a “Use and Dispose” mindset.

The Ethical Business Model understands that a company is only as strong as the Foundation.

Traditional Business Models nurture the top while the bottom crumbles.

Ethical Business Models nurture the bottom to nurture the top because they understand and respect the Symbiosis and importance of all facets of the Business Model.

Traditional Business Models will crumble and fall with the changing of times.

Ethical Business Models will flex and grow with the people who are free to also nurture and grow.

We’re going to be diving deep into this video to explore the new Ethical Business Model and how it differs from Traditional Models.

“There is a belief that you can’t be ethical and make money. The Healing Garden is hell bent on proving this wrong.” – Anna Imagination

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