“You Seek Your Energy Name”

When I began my Healing Journey, I thought, “I just don’t want to hurt anymore.”

It was a pursuit of living without pain.

I thought, “If I just fix this one thing, then there will be no pain.”

And so I’d fix it. And while the pain was gone for a while or lessened, there still was pain or discomfort. It was constant and severe.

Then constant and tolerable.

Then constant and uncomfortable.

Then constant and nagging.

Something would happen and the nagging pain would spike back up to pain.

No matter how much I “healed” the pain was always there.


By the 10th Ethical Perspective of the I of I, the pain significantly dropped to a Constant Nagging.

I could have said, “I achieved my goal” and moved on, but at this point, I had learned the valuable lesson of how ignoring things that nag grow.

All through the You of I, I teetered between nagging, dull pain, discomfort, and spikes of pain.

I could handle the spikes beautifully, but they were still there.

I could watch a movie and “forget” for maybe 40 minutes that the pain wasn’t there.

But whenever I meditated, I could see it. I would hone right into it and it would be there.

I dreamed still of living a life where, no matter what happened around me, I would be blissfully content, a soft smile on my face, and I would be unmoved by all around me.

I reached this state in the 2nd Ethic of the They of I. 26 Levels of Consciousness into the Abstract.

But more than that, it was upon the occurrence of three distinct events.

  • 1 – I found my Energy Name.
  • 2 – I found my Partner’s Energy Name.
  • 3 – I learned that I had found my Partner, I had an abundance of Gratitude, and I was Blissfully Content.

I had been “fighting” and “healing” for so long that I was permamently at the state of “Looking,” “Fighting,” “Climbing,” “Digging.” I could not shut it off.

The real truth was, In 2020, I had a list of everything in my life that I wanted and, on 2 April 2024, I achieved just that. I achieved all of that.

I didn’t wonder, “I have everything I could ever want. Why am I still not happy?”

I did think, “I have everything I’ve always wanted. I need to teach my Mind and my Internal Team to “turn off” now and to rest. The Destination has been reached.”

Fortunately, I know how to train my RAS in three days. Here is how it’s done.

Meditation is good and all, but it’s a tool that, when you know what you’re really doing, can be utilized with great power.

The RAS, Reticular Articulation System, is the “Filter” in your Subconscious Mind that “Looks” for… anything really.

The RAS can be disciplined or undisciplined.

An undisciplined RAS will scan the world for the latest updated “program” installed and run off with you.

Trauma sufferers are very familiar with this process. It’s the “heightened” sense of awareness where your mind is always looking for trouble, danger, or threats. It’s your widened eyes, your panic, you’re jumping at every corner. “What’s that!?”

It is your RAS turned all the way up as it scans for trauma.

And, according to the Law of RAS, if you seek, so shall you find.

A disciplined RAS is a POWERFUL tool. To discipline your RAS, you need to tap into at least Two of your Truth Sources: Your Energy and Your Identity.

All you are doing is Aligning your RAS with one of your Truth Sources. That is it. And your RAS will CLING to your Truth Source and run with it.

The more aligned your Truth Sources are, the faster your RAS will cling and run. All 6 of my Truth Sources are Aligned, so when I feed my RAS, my RAS takes it and runs. After one sleep cycle, the new updated is integrated.


Your Truth Sources

Your Truth Sources are, in Order of Operations,

  • Your Energy
  • Your Identity
  • Your Ethics
  • Your Beliefs
  • Your Logic and Name
  • Your Perspective

Most people run their entire System off their Belief System. And most people’s Belief System is Aligned with their Abuser’s desire to abuse them.

If you seek, so shall you find.

When you program your RAS to seek Opportunity, Answers, Information, or The Right Direction your Subconscious Mind stops looking for trouble and starts looking for paths to your dreams.

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