The Unawakened Depths of Consciousness

I’m sitting here this morning, drinking my coffee, relishing in the feeling of my mind.

My brain feels different. The deeper my descent into the Abstract, the more I felt my physical brain change. Now, there is a frequent “humming.” It has no sound. It’s much like a vibration. It’s soothing. It sends waves of calm down my spine.

I haven’t touched wine, alcohol, Psychedelics, or marijuana since 2024. No. This is all just me.

I hypothesize that I have “new” combinations of hormones in my mind. And this one sends a constant pulse of “Peace” down into me. I’m relaxed, and all urgency is gone from me.

This, all of this, has only ever been a discovery and exploration of the Consciousness. I am in the 1st Perspective of the They of I. lol… I am noticing a pattern. I always write most when I’m in the 1st and the 7th. lol… I prefer the silence in these Ethics.

Observation and Thought. Contemplation.

I love the comfort of Pattern Recognition.

I wrote earlier this morning, “Happiness is the Pursuit and Reunion with the Consciousness.” Now that I am here, I have no doubt, it is the Consciousness we seek. It is the Consciousness we all crave.

We need it, but we have been at the mercy of Trial and Error to discover it… most of whom fail. They live and they die never knowing their own Consciousness. In hindsight, I see it now. Philosophy is the Pursuit, the Reunion, and the Logic of Consciousness. This is all that this ever was.

I often wonder why Socrates (Plato) never wrote, “Welcome to Philosophy. The Journey into the Self and the Abstract for the Pursuit of Consciousness.”

So many people, accomplished Philosophers even, don’t even realize what Philosophy truly is. All of my work, every work, is the Philosophy as I have known her. It didn’t require decades of reading and study. It required only Philosophy and Logic in Application.

30 Years of Application. I see it know… In reading the Great Books after studying Logic for that year… I applied Philosophy to the Great Books. That is how I practiced my Philosophy.

I read Frankenstein and Les Miserables and Applied the Philosophy. I read Don Quixote and Shakespeare and Applied the Philosophy. I Applied Philosophy to Sherlock Holmes and Homer, Ben Hur and Lawrence of Arabia

Wow… That one… “Who are you?”

And to see him look on in deep thought.

“Who are you?”

Who indeed.

I applied Philosophy to The Walking Dead and Math, Art, and Tolkien. I applied Philosophy to the movies Instinct, Apocalypse Now, and to the book Lord of the Flies… all in the same weekend.

That weekend… that weekend changed me. That… I’ll have to write a paper on the things I learned in that weekend.

All Art, Science, Communication… I lived my life applying all of it to Philosophy. And in so doing, discovered the depths of Consciousness.

You want to learn? You want to teach? You want to re-think education?

One year of Socrates + The Great Books. You need nothing more. Mother Nature gave a mind that does the rest.

I have built a curriculum that follows my Education Path. But always remember to make it your own.

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