Living Between Two Planes

27 March 2024 : The 1st of They

I woke this morning… Realizing that “Sleep” is just… Our time split and shared and lived between the Abstract and the Material Plane. 

That, we require our time to be split between both planes. And when we sleep, we are simply visiting the Abstract. José Silva reported from his research that “Unconsciousness doesn’t really exist at all.” His research led him to conclude (correctly) that even when we think we are unconscious, we are not. 

People in coma respond to the voices of loved ones. The mind is not unconscious. It is only shared between worlds. And if we do not divide our time properly and give ourselves over to the Abstract, our mental and physical health greatly suffer. 

The Abstract has been with us this whole time. Even animals divide their lives with the Abstract.

Divide “time.” That statement makes no sense to me now. It isn’t “time” we’re actually “dividing.” It’s the life we are sharing. When we don’t have “time,” what we are really saying is, “I don’t have the life to share with that.

And we’re forced to give, sell, and share pieces of our life. 

I’ve been thinking about “time” as the Material Plane uses it. And I can feel it now. How much we hoard time. How much we hoard time like we hoard money and possessions. What we’re really hoarding is life. The lives of others. Our own. I was terrified of working a day job because I didn’t have the life to share with something so meaningless. 

A Meaningful life. We require our lives to mean something. This is our pursuit of happiness. This is our pursuit of Purpose. Happiness is fulfilled purpose and meaning. I don’t know if Societal Contribution is required for a purposeful life, but, for me, it did. Potential is how much you can contribute. It all keeps going back to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Ethic. 

I’ve been cutting out “time” references now. Letting go of the “life hoarding.” Time… Next time… Haha… Moment. Next moment you talk about time, remember that you are actually talking about Life Hoarding and Life sharing.

We all are seeking Meaning. Purpose. The “Why” in all we do. We are seeking our Consciousness. Perhaps Happiness is when you find your Consciousness.

At the completion of this entry, I can feel the New Logic shifting in my mind. It’s been received. It is compatible. The Logic adjusts my thoughts accordingly and my Perspective Scope adjusts.

Peace is deep within me this morning.

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