Progression. Obstacle. Navigation.

Every day, I sit down to my computer, and I write. I noticed a pattern. A three part rotation, and I move with the ebb and flow of the journey.

Progression. Obstacle. Navigation.

I am currently in the “Navigation” stage.

Life problems happen when you don’t progress. You fall apart under obstacles. And you don’t know how to navigate.

There is so much NOISE out there. A whole lot of people who talk about what they know nothing about.

“Have you done it?”

“Are you happy?”

“Are you healthy?”

“Are you wealthy?”

“Are your children happy, healthy, and wealthy?”

“No? Then shut the fuck up.”

I call those people, Noisy Know-Nothing’s. And, my god, are they noisy. The whole of Social Media is filled with Noisy Know-Nothing’s where they congregate to scream about all they don’t know.

I’ve learned to turn off their noise.

But prior to turning off that noise, I took it all in. I navigated and sailed my ship according to the “Noisy Know-Nothing’s.” And I run aground. I ended up on a bed of rock in the middle of the sea for years.

And it took me that long to repair my ship and get back on track. And the moment I did, the Noisy Know-Nothing’s started right back up again.

Rule #1? Tell the Noisy Know-Nothing’s nothing. They will be first in line to advise you on something they know nothing about.

Noisy Know-Nothing’s love to talk about Money, Parenting, Economy, Politics, and Happiness. They love to talk about Ethics, and Psychology.

Noisy Know-Nothing’s are the people who never do, never try to do, fail to do, but are first in line to teach.

Teachers are the Noisiest Know-Nothing’s. Most of them have confused that “Lecturing” and “Studying” and “Reading” with Doing. These are not smart people.

Psychologists are also Noisy Know-Nothing’s. Most of them teach a craft about being Mentally Healthy while failing to be Mentally Healthy or never being traumatized to begin with.

Here’s one for you.

Male Gynecologists and Obstretricians.

The archetype of “I have NO experience in my profession!”

We’ve all heard, “Those who can DO. Those who can’t TEACH.”

Alexandria is built on the LAW “Those who can DO. Those Teach MASTERED what they did.” That’s right. Read that again. Those are my teachers. And believe-you-me. There is a difference.

My Teachers have two requirements:

1 – You have to be a SUCCESSFUL MASTER in your field (And Teaching is a Field of Study reserved ONLY for the Masters).

2 – You have to have The Healing Garden Mindset.

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