The Discomfort of Unease

The Discomfort of Unease is one I am very familiar with. It is “the first emotion.”

What I mean by this, is that “The Discomfort of Unease” is the first emotion that goes off when “something is wrong.”

Most Noisy Know-Nothing’s ignore it. But The Discomfort of Unease, is the predecessor of someone turning on the fire under the Frying Pan.

I’m sitting here now with it. I have to change the course of my ship. That is always what “The Discomfort of Unease” means. I have to change the course of my ship. But where?

I head back to the table strewn with the mental maps in my mind and The Plotted Voyage. I review the journey.

I review the Heading. I review the Direction.

The Discomfort of Unease often means, “Open your Mind. Span Out. Open to Receive. Invite All In. Show Me The Way.”

I meditate.

I step into the Discomfort.

I need to write to my partner. We have a strange relationship.

After the writing…

It is as if, for reasons currently unknown to me, the Universe says, “It’s time to do X. That “thing” you asked for… That “thing” you manifested. Now… you need to do NOW… You need to do THIS… NOW… Do it. Do it. Do it. DO IT…


I do it, and then she pokes me again.

Do it. Do it. Do it. DO IT…

And she is never wrong.


Learn to Listen. Learn to “Follow” that Pull. Learn to let her “Push” you, and life falls into your lap.

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