Nature’s Current

I’m studying Finance, Economics, and Investment.

And I can’t help notice the growing Core inside of me. It nags. It calls. The more I study “How Money and Currency Moves,” the stronger this Core pulls.

Last night, I finally looked at it. I tried to step into it, but my thoughts wouldn’t settle. It was “loud” and kept my mind buzzing with excitement and distraction.

People think Distraction keeps them from focusing. In truth, Distraction *is* Focus pulling you toward what you “really” should be your Focus.

“Distraction” is when Nature says, “Look over here! Focus!”

But Man has told us we need to “Look over here! Focus!”

I learned to shut Man out a long time ago and listen to Mother Nature.

I believe the “real” Gender War is The Patriarchy vs. Mother Nature.

At the 7th, 8th, and 9th Ethic, we learn Reception, Transmission, Connection, and Sharing. We learn Compassion Foresight (Empathy). We learn Generosity.

We also learn Economics, Circuitry, and The Emotional Transaction of Human Connection.

If I didn’t know better…

“If I didn’t know better.”

If I didn’t know better, I swear the “real” currency is Love, Gratitude, and Joy for Others.

Money is Man-Made. The currency is Man Made.

We are not. Nature’s Currency is not.

You know what else is “odd?”

A “secret” of every Billionare that I have spoken to have all said the same thing. “Be generous. Gift without Incentive. Gift without Agenda, and watch the money roll into you.”

And I can’t help but notice the Emotions and Ethics learned when we learn Nature’s Economics.

But I feel the “fear” the apprehension if I were to “abandon” money.

“Why do you want money?”

“To help people.”

“You don’t need money to help people.”

“I do if I want to reach people.”

“Just help people… and the currency will carry you.”

“It has to be free.”

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