Rebel Parenting vs. Traditional Parenting

I just heard this term yesterday from a dear friend of mine: “Rebel Parenting” and I was immediately overjoyed with inspiration and excitement.

The world has needed this.

“What is wrong with the world today” is one of my favorite questions to dive into.


Education is what is wrong with the world today. Because *if* we were all educated properly, then we would all *know* what is wrong with the world today. We would not be asking “What is wrong with the world today.” We would know and we would be working on the solution already.

After much work into this subject, the current societal abomination that is, came down to 3 factors:

  • Education
  • Mental Health
  • Parenting

The Healing Garden does nothing but focus on Mental Health. Alexandria focuses on Education. Parenting is split between the two.

The next question I asked was “How do I get this information to the right people?”

Traditional avenues were out because once you start playing “their” game, you have to obey “their” rules. But “their” rules *are* the problem.

So getting The Healing Garden to the people would require classic methods: Delivered right to the people.

  • Mental Health for Rebel Parents
  • Education for Rebel Parents
  • Parenting for Rebel Parents

What is a Rebel Parent?

A Rebel Parent is a Parent who walked away from their own childhood well aware of their own trauma and Mental Health, and were able to deduce that “If my parents were so right about how to parent, then why am I so fucked up?”

They then stretched that argument with, “I am fucked up and so are my parents, therefore, they *don’t* know anything about parenting because they *didn’t* raise a happy, healthy adult.”

They further concluded that the best answer would be to throw out everything they were told to do, and to re-invent the wheel from scratch.

I first became a Rebel Parent in 2003. I homeschool my youngest. I am an Ethical Atheist with a strong Faith in Logic, Math, and Physics. I avoided the majority of the mistakes my parents made. I raised my children on one philosophy:

“Your feelings matter more than X.”

They broke a glass?

“Your feelings matter more than the glass.”

They spilled milk.

“Your feelings matter more than the mess.”

If they lied, I used that as a metric to determine how safe they felt with telling the Truth, and I adjusted my parenting accordingly.

Read that again.

My best friend, mother of a 14-month-old, is now raising her daughter on Rebel Parenting and 100% of everything she is doing is spot on.

In Rebel Parenting, I dive deep into every subject from birth to graduation and on to cover every thing you can think of on how to raise your children “the right way.”

The Parenting Practices I teach, practice, and have used on my own children are 100% built on my 30+ years of Ontological Research in Human Behavior, Sociology, and Study of The Psyche, plus about 10 years of Ontological Psyche Analysis of Dr. Phil episodes.

My work doesn’t just look at, “Parenting today.” It consists of studies between cultures, countries, generations, time periods, eras, and the development of the Homo Sapien Sapien.

I am an award-nominated author, and my written work has appeared in parenting websites like

We will be covering how you can separate your Mental Illness from your children. How to balance parenting with Therapy. How to preserve your Child’s Identity, Autonomy, and their Self-Authority to ensure they grow up to live happy and healthy lives.

We examine “The Spoiled Child” and delve deep into what that is, and how to break the Cycle of “Generational Trauma” and “Narcissism.”

We talk about Social problems, Racism, Children with Mental Health problems, and “Rebel” Teenagers (Spoiler Alert: They don’t exist).

All of my work and research is built on the backbone of Philosophy, Logic, Math, and Physics.

“The Parenting Philosophy of The Healing Garden is to raise your Child with Unconditional Love and Unconditional Belonging.

To ensure children are Nurtured in Psychological and Physical Safety so they can Flourish and Prosper into Happy Adults.” – Anna Imagination

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