Questions to Instigate Self Exploration

This is what I would call a “Throw Back” to the AIDNS and the Self.

These are a series of questions I developed designed to dig right into the heart of you. When you finish with Triadic Healing, you will be able to answer all of these questions.

Do not jump ahead. Get out a sheet of paper and write. As always, the Order of Operations matters.

Day #1

“If you woke up tomorrow as a God, what would your powers be? What would you do with those power? What would your Purpose be with those powers?”

I recommend stopping her and taking a full 24 hours to think on this question. Imagine it. See yourself as this God. How would it feel? What would the first thing on your agenda be? Your next? Your last? What would your goal and mission be?

If you have an entire essay to write on this, do it! The more you can imagine it, the better.

Day #2…

What is your Energy Name?

The Energy Name is different than any other part of you. There is the Conscious Awareness of you, which has the name your parents gave you. I’m not talking about that.

The second name is the Self Name that you gave yourself. The name that you chose for yourself or have always wanted despite the protests of parents or to “bring out your true self.”

No. I am talking about your “REAL” name. The Name of your Energy. Energy doesn’t die. It can neither be created nor destroyed. It can be stored or transferred. And your Energy is much older than 20, 30, or 40 years old. Your Energy is much older than 50,000, 100,000, 2 Million years old. Your Energy is Old.

What is its Name? It’s the part of of you that is buried and forgotten so deep inside of you. Most people refer to it as a “Soul.” what is its Name?

Your Energy Name is made up of:

Your Truth + Your Story + Your Purpose.

Now. Put those three words together. And what is your Name?

My Name, “Imagination” is my Energy Name. My Energy is pure Imagination Energy. This is what you are looking for inside of you.

What is your Energy Name?

Day #3

What is your Theme?

Your Theme is the part of you that has never left you, NO MATTER WHAT. It is the “thing” about you that no one could ever break out of you even when you felt broken and lost. Your theme is the part of you that is unbreakable.

Many people are blind to their theme. Many people, upon healing and completing their Healing Journey recognize their theme and suddenly realize, the whole time, it was always there.

For me, that would be my Theater and Stage. No matter how much they tried to break me, the Stage was always there. What is your theme?

Day #4

Shadow or Shine and/or Support?

This is a question most people never think about, but it is very much in the “shadows” dictating our actions.

How grand would you grow? Would you shine? Or would you stay in the Shadows? Would you shrink your Shine to stay in the Shadows?

What about those around you? Would you want them to support your Shine? Would you insist they Shine with you? Would you want them to stay in the Shadows with you?

What if you stayed in the Shadow and they Shined? Would you support them? Shadow or Shine is one of my favorite things to talk about and reflect on with a Partner.

How far would you be willing to shine for your purpose? 

How far would you be willing to go for your Missions?

Day #5

Nomad or Settler? Both? 

I love Nomad or Settler. The real question is, you have ONE PLACE to live and die for the rest of your life, where would this place be? Where is your Home?

Now some people are Nomads. Some people (like me) must have a Settled home and have periods of being Nomadic. I can wander the world, but I always need a place to come home to. And for me, that’s New York City.

What is your Home? Where do you need to Settle? Where is your Calling? Where is your Home?

Day #6

What is your Philosophy?

In four words or less, what is your Life Philosophy. Four words. What is Life to you? This would be a summation of your Theme, of your Energy Name, of your Purpose.

Your Interests?

Your Qualities? 

Your Perspective?

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