The Point

This is where Triadic Healing Begins. You can experience this Journey as The Philosopher, The Warrior, The Cultivator, or The Pilgrim. However you choose to proceed, it does not matter. It is all the Same Journey. What you are really choosing is the Language you speak and how you Understand the World around you.

For when we stand outside of The Point, we are live divided against The Self, we are not known, and we have lost Perspective, unsure of Truth or Reality. But at The Point, with the Defined Self Integrated and Whole, only then do we know we are and what Truth is.

No Masks, No Lies, No Falsehoods, No Confusion can exist at The Point.

The real question is, which side of the Mirror do you stand? Do you stand in The Material Plane? Or do you stand within the Abstract Plane?

The Focal Point determines our Relative Location to Truth, which has been lost for 2,000 years. Without our Relative Location to Truth, One cannot know who they are or what is “Real” or what any situation is, really. Hence the feeling of “Not knowing who you are” or “Not knowing what the situation is.”

You’ve lost your Point of Relativity.

Navigation. The Logic and Science of Finding your way.

But how does one find their way in the Abstract where Time and Stars don’t exist? Through The Defined Self and Triangulation. Hence, Triadic Healing.

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