Sadness = No Trust

We are sad when we don’t trust. If we trusted, we would not be sad. Emotions are Navigation Reports from the Subconscious Mind telling us what Ethics we need to work on.

Emotions are a Metric of our Ethics. Once you know how to read the Emotions, you will know which Ethics you need to work on.

There are 12 Ethics.

The 12 Ethics are vital in Managing Parenting, Teaching, Wealth, Happiness, Health, and Economics and Finance.

Without the Ethics, you suffer.

To learn the Ethics, you must Consciously approach the Suffering as a Trial.

The Accomplishment and Victory of the Trial, teaches you the Ethic, unlocks the Emotion required to Manage your Problem, and promotes you into the next Stage of Ethical Learning.

Learning is the Process. Healing occurs as a Symptom to Learning.

Mental Illness is a Symptom of not Learning and staying within the Trial of Suffering.

Turn your Suffering into a Trial, master the Learning process, and you advance through the Ethics.

I have done little else but make a science and logical study of this process since 1995. To date, I have been through 28 Trials. Most people have made it through 2 or 3.

Once you know the Formula, the Skills, the Tools, and the Map (I call this the AIDNS), then you can Strategically execute the Trials and acquire the Ethics.

Triadic Healing Part #1a is the first 6 Trials (and is Free).

Triadic Healing Part #1b is the second 6 Trials (and requires Membership).

There are Ethics that are Good, that we were told to Fear.

There are Ethics that are Bad, that we were told were Good.

This is why the world is so fucked up.

But when you Venture Down the Ethical Trials, you Heal and then you Remember and then you know.

And you don’t have to wait for anyone to tell you what is “Good” or “Bad.”

You just know and thus you do.

Triadic Healing is the path, tools, map, skills, and walkthrough of this Journey.

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