Money, Evil Roots, and Demon Possession

I figured out money! THAT was so hard! It is in the Self-Control. When we desire money, time, or sex to the point of Possession, we’re puppets! It’s the “Being puppeted by our Possessions” Possess… Like a Demon… possesses… Possessive. Possessions… Possess… To take hold of by nonconsensual force… To be taken hold of by nonconsensual force.

The Devil and the Demon is when the EMOTIONS take hold of us as

The Devil was GOD’S EMOTIONS. The Devil was GOD battling his own EMOTIONS!

THERE IT IS!! That… It’s the “Possess.” The Demon was metaphorical for the EMOTION of being puppeted by the POSSESSION. That isn’t “Lust” or Desire!” I know those emotions! That is… Panic! Impulse! Desperation! 

Money is not the root of all evil! That was an Emotional Mistranslation! “Panic! Impulse! Desperation!” is the root of all evil! AH!!! It was the EMOTIONAL Association… NOT the money! Emotional Translation is one of my favorite language skills. 

“To be taken hold by Panic, Impulse, and Desperation.” This is the true definition of GREED. 

That just changed a lot of Logical Algorithms in my head, and I just have to say… for me, that is like… orgasmic! It clears out more logic and it just… the world becomes crystal clear. 

That… that is going to resolve a whole lot of wiring!!! 

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