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Yesterday I went to Washington Square Park and enjoyed this 20 April in the park with people who would become my friends.

I haven’t smoked marijuana since December 2023.

I wasn’t sure the results it would have on my mind. I used this April to determine this.

In the past, while my mind opened up, I had no discipline. The information that came to me was mind blowing, that I obsessed about capturing and sharing in the moment.

Over the past four months, I learned how to, while sober, discipline my mind. And so I did. Yesterday, I decided to put my work and lessons to the test.

I slipped into a quiet meditative state. I calmed and observed. I watched and saw everyone as they were. And then I saw The PANDO.

Seeing the PANDO unlocked, faster than the speed of Synapses, a series of Logical If/Then Clauses that teleported me through the Perspectives both Forward and Backward until the Front matched the Back. And I was standing at its Center at Plato’s Point.

When the Book closes.

Plato’s Point, when the Story Ends. When the Story begins and the last sentence becomes the first. “…and then we all remembered… That Once Upon A Time… there was a Goddess who loved an Imp King… and an Imp King who loved a Goddess who would grant the King anything his heart desired…”

And ours is the Story of how much that Goddess Queen loved her Imp King, that when he said, “I love you so much that I wish to do this with you forever, living our Love Story over and over again… until, one day, she said, “As you wish,” and thus so it became.”

I remember.

And for me, the Story is done. Every Logical thread concluded in an infinite circle. Every Story end tied up.

Get Curious.

There is only one question you need to ask and then, get curious about that one question.

If you want to change your life, find what you have been looking for, get curious.

Inside every question, behind every question ever asked, there is another question. The same question. What is the one question that is asked in every single question?

That is your first clue.

Get curious. Solve the riddle and I’ll give you the second.

Those with the correct answer to this riddle, will earn the second riddle.

This is your first lesson.

This is Triadic Healing for those of you who love challenges, riddles, games, and puzzles to solve. This is Triadic Healing THE GAME.

Submit your answer here.

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