Communication and Networking For The Win-Win or “Sales” For Short

Communications and Networking For The Win-Win or “Sales” for short, opens the conversation for what it is we really do in Business.

Most people do not have a Fear of Rejection when it comes to sales. What they have is a fear of being Unethical. Their only exposure to Sales were negative and associated with being bullied and abused, confused, lied to, and manipulated that left them in a position, in most cases, of being broke or robbed.

For most of us, bullying others and abusing them is the only definition we have in our minds for “Sales.”

“Master Sales” to most people means “Master Bullying.”

Most people cringe. No! I won’t do it!

No matter how much Business People want to glorify Sales (and they are right), Sales has a long history of Psychological Manipulation, Persuasion, Brainwashing, blackmail, Fear Conditioning, and Abuse.

And you do need to learn Sales.

What Business People and the Sales-Inept are really suffering from is a severe lack of communication.

“Sales” is *not* what most people have been exposed to. What most people have experienced all their life and what is taught is Abuse and Bullying disguised as “Sales.”

When Business People and Entrepreneurs talk about Sales, what they are really trying to say is Communication and Networking For The Win-Win. These are two completely different mindsets.

What Business People are really trying to say is, “Learn how to Communicate Effectively and become a Power Communicator and Teacher.”

This is *actually* Ethical Sales.

What most people experience is Bullying and Abuse disguised as “Sales.” And what is worse, this “Sales” tactic is still actively taught to this day although I have noticed that it is dying out.

The problem is, it takes a Master Communicator and Teacher to *recognize* Master Communication and Teaching that people are trying to pass off as “Sales.”

In Communication and Teaching, there is no rejection. What there is, is Education.

One of my (dirty) Sales Instructors said to me, “You’re not a Salesmen. You’re an Actor.” Which, in my opinion, was another way to say “Lying and Deceit.” I am an Actor. I tell people, “I’m an Actor.” To be an Actor. Play an Actor, and not tell people that you are Acting, is a manipulative, lying dirty Sales tactic.

In “Ethical Sales” you are a strong Communicator and a Teacher. And your true agenda is to see if you can find a win-win.

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