Learn How To Use Your Mind

Mind Mastery does not require medications, Neuroscience, or “Genetics.” It does not require “Getting Lucky” with landing in in the right family, region, country, or culture.

Mind Mastery and the path of becoming an Ethical Leader is a skill that can be taught and trained like any other.

What it takes is the knowledge, the formula, the correct Order of Operations, and the Know-How. What it takes is a Teacher who can articulate what has never been articulated before.

At Alexandria, our Mission, Agenda, and Goal is only to shelter, take in, train, teach, nurture, and guide Ethical Leaders.

The world we live in was built and designed by Followers for Followers.

The world we live in is designed to reject, squash, break, and control Leaders. But the Intelligent+ and The Leader will find a way.

We can’t be controlled. We can’t be manipulated. We can’t be broken. We can’t be mindless.

Anna Imagination has been an Ethical Leader since she was 4 years old, when she questioned the credibility of The Christian Religion.

“I was never Broken. That was the problem. I couldn’t be Broken. They tried. I suffered. It warped my mind into Insanity as metric to how hard they tried and how hard I resisted. I used my Ethical Leadership skills to put my mind back together again and find my way back. And now, I teach all that learned about Ethical Leadership to others.”

  • Business Schools were designed and built to teach Followers how to be Business Owners.
  • Public Schools were designed to groom Followers into Obedient Followers.
  • Psychology was built to help Followers just enough to Follow some more.
  • The Economy was designed to Farm the Obedient Followers.

Alexandria and The Healing Garden was built and Designed by an Ethical Leader for Ethical Leaders who crave the answers, instructions, guidance, Healing, Education, Resources, Network, acceptance, respite, sanctuary, and community for Ethical Leaders.

Alexandria is The Alma Mater of Ethical Leaders. We reject the “Societal Norm” just as they have rejected us. We are Philanthropists, Humanitarians, Environmentalists, and Pacifists.

We are Powerful Minds, Master Communicators, and Innovative Thinkers with an Agenda to save the world.

“Atlas Shrugged? No! Atlas said, “Sit down. Shut up. Let us fix the world that you broke!” This is our world too.” – Anna Imagination

How do we do it?

Ethical Leaders use their Minds the “right” way. Like anything else, Learning, Thinking, and Teaching are Formulas hidden in Nature and, once discovered, defined, and mastered, can be passed on and taught to others.

Alexandria is built on The Lost Science of Comprehension, which is composed of Four Parts:

  • Self-Regulation, Self-Management, and Mental Management (Self-Regulation, Emotional Regulation, Self-Control, Self-Discipline)
  • Communication and Connection (Human Circuitry, Networking, Learning, and Teaching, Parenting, and Relationships)
  • Comprehension and Problem Solving For Practical Application (Strategic Mathematics, Life Planning and Navigation)
  • Financial Education (Economics For Ethical Leaders, Business Building, Resources, and Application)

We Teach our Ethical Leaders how to Learn using Logical Comprehension and Application via “Simple Science for Practical Application.”

We teach our Ethical Leaders about the infinite Levels of Consciousness and how to utilize Consciousness to obtain Optimum Mental Wealth and master this Self-Management skill.

We teach our Ethical Leaders the undiscovered mastery of Power Communication and how to apply this skill via Human Circuity, Connection, Networking, Parenting, Teaching, Healing, and Economics.

We teach our Ethical Leaders how to Teach in Application and Discussion in compliance with Mother Nature and our Subconscious Minds.

We teach our Ethical Leaders Anna’s Mathematical Formulas for Advanced Problem Solving For Practical Living to solve every Obstacle and Life Problem you can think of.

Want + Choose + (Learn + Solve) + Do = Success

In that order. Every time. No matter what.

We teach our Ethical Leaders how to use and optimize their Mind through the mastered discipline of Consciously Shifting Perspectives, Projected Imagination, and Strategic Integration and Disintegration of Components and Their Wholes. Anna calls this “The Philosopher’s Point of View.”

Welcome to Alexandria. Your Future Awaits.

As you enter Alexandria, you will be presented with four options, which are designed to be mixed and matched as needed:

  • The Ethical Leader Community
  • The Healing Garden
  • The University
  • The Playground

The Ethical Leader Community

Network, Make friends, find your people, grow. From Business Connections to collaborations, friendships, and, yes, even romantic connections. The Ethical Leader Community uses the 12 Ethical Stages of Perspective Growth to help you find your people with the greatest of ease.

The Healing Garden

99% of the people who come to us are battling Behavioral Defenses (Mental Illnesses) due to the trauma of being forced to “shrink,” live small, or hide. Let’s be honest. The majority of people who are abused in our culture are Intelligent people who The Average Joe feared due to an inability to control or manipulate them.

“Insanity” is likened to “Genius” in Wonderland’s Society and the trauma of living unable to conform has left the majority of our people struggling with Mental Illness.

Being forced to sell your Freedom to survive, Being forced to surrender your Self to live, Being forced to “follow” when you are a leader… all of these can and often do result in severe trauma. We call this “Perspective Abuse.”

The Healing Garden was built and designed to provide Ethical Leaders with Logical, no-nonsense Mental Healing without all the Baby-Boomer Bullshit.

The Healing Garden is Mental Healing done right. It is 100% Holistic and uses Scientific Method alongside Logic, Math, Physics. It is Philosophy-Based from 2,000 years of Human Behavior studies as opposed to 150 years of unscientific guess-work from a Medical Doctor who was too ignorant to know that Psychology had already been done before by Philosophers.

Philosophy. That’s where they keep the Good Psychology, which was built by Pythagoras, Plato, and Aristotle. 😉

Only the best for our Ethical Leaders who are smart enough to know when things add up and when they don’t.

The University Of Alexandria

“At The Healing Garden, we teach and train Ethical Leaders who seek to save the world from Environmental Catastrophe, War, and Economic Collapse.” – Anna Imagination

Alexandria was built in honor of The Ancient University of Alexandria: The Epicenter of Knowledge and the Education Capital of the Ancient World. Hence why The Lighthouse of Alexandria was at the harbor to welcome people into port. An ancient and universal symbol of Wisdom and Knowledge.

Anna’s Alexandria has its headquarters in New York City. It is Anna’s goal to once again, have an Education Capital in the world. A City dedicated to the Nurturing and Preservation of Knowledge.

No City is further along on this agenda than New York City between her accumulation of Museums, Art, Dance, Theater, Stage, Music, Concert Halls, Universities, Medical Student facilities, Architecture, Finance, and Science. Not to mention the plethora of Food and performing street artists that encompass nearly every block.

Hello, Education and Knowledge. Even The Statue of Liberty is so very much like The Lighthouse of Alexandria in symbolism. The parallels to Alexandria and New York City are insurmountable.

Anna’s Alexandria focuses on The Lost Science of Comprehension: a subject that was once taught in Alexandria, and that was lost in the 4th Century. This Lost subject is the backbone of Ethical Leaders and is what all Ethical Leaders and Entrepreneurs have been forced to “piecemeal” and put together over and over again as they trial and error their Leadership and venture forth to “figure it out.”

The Lost Science of Comprehension is what successful parents use to raise healthy, happy, and successful children, what Warren Buffett built his empire on. What “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” was all about.

What Mentally recovered people figure out to heal and recover from Trauma.

What “enlightened” and happy people seek and found on their Spiritual Journey.

What happy and healthy, successful marriages and relationships figure out. What “highschool” dropouts figured out to go on to become billionaires and entrepreneurs.

The Lost Science of Comprehension is the “mystery” of Tesla’s 3-6-9 Method.

It is what Rennaissance Men figured out and use to become Rennaissance Men.

It is “The God Code.”

And Alexandria is the only place where it is defined, known, proven with Logic, Math, and Physics, and is taught.

It is what we use to help Ethical Leaders find their calling and reach their True Potential.

The Playground

Anna’s Playground is where you will find Anna. It is the Field Trips for Adults, the University’s Private Club, Our Healing Get-away Resorts, our Events, our Reunions for Alexandrian Alumni.

It is where Make-Believe is still practiced and played with by Adults. Where children can step back into their childhood and embrace all the parts of The Self.

It is where the Soul of the Ethical Leader goes to play.

Welcome to Alexandria.

Welcome home.

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