True Fiction. My Reality.

To accept me, most people have to deny all that they know about reality.

I have people in my life who would sooner argue that I am fiction that sooner change their understanding of the world.

“Oh! You know you’re not supposed to exist, right?”

God forbid they change what they think about reality.

“You just asked me about me… and here is the Truth. When I tell people who and what I am, they have three choices:

Reality is something I am not allowed to have.

Why is it so hard to believe that I am real? What is it about your reality that is so great that when you meet me, you would sooner deny that I exist rather than challenge your own belief in Reality? What is so great about your reality that you would deny my existence?

And the people who fight the most, are the most miserable, hateful people in the world.

According to the Logic of The World, I am Dead, I am Fiction, or what you were told about Reality and Truth is wrong.

I have had people argue with me that I am Fiction rather than change the way they think.

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